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Reluctance: Food For Thought (It's All Connected)

The foundation of world religions was formed when a few men dug under a tree and pulled out some of the most beautiful mushrooms The men consumed the mushrooms, and they subsequently created every god known to man

Our Matrix: Choose Your Pill Wisely

Propaganda (noun): publicity intended to persuade or convince people It is imperative that you see in propaganda the probabilities and possibilities

Soldier/Soldier: The Convoluted Vietnamese Agenda(?)

America, you have no idea what atrocities took place during the Vietnam War One item on the list was the mass assassinations of innocent Vietnamese citizens by Americans

President John F. Kennedy: Breaking Through the Shroud of an Untimely Demise

I quote, with redundancy, from the biography of John F Kennedy to summarize the legacy of this American martyr

A Letter to the Legacy of a Legend: President John F. Kennedy

Mr President, I love people with everything I am worth


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Name: m.f.k.
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Subject: Education
Question/Comment: Hi,

I am a bit concerned about the priority of education in the City of Hoboken. Not sure where to address this, but your site came up and decided it was a good place to start. Who is the contact person for such an issue?

As an educator, I know that education is the root of a positive environment and a thriving area.  NJ has and continues to have high standards for education across the board. Why should Hoboken fall through the cracks?