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Obama Weathering the Storm of the Presidency

It was inevitable The honeymoon that President Barack Obama, and all other presidents, experienced has officially given way to criticism of his policies on the economy and health care to false rumors that he may not be a natural-born U

100th Anniversary Celebrated at NAACP Convention

On March 9, 1892 in Memphis, Tenn three successful African American businessmen were brutally lynched and accused of raping White women, when their actual

African Americans in Politics Endure Racial Insults From GOP

After the historic elections last year, the Republican Party seemed to be in a free fall The failed policies of President George W

Obama Approval Rating in First 100 Days

Whether you voted for him or not, few Americans can honestly say that on January 20th, they were not anxious to see how the first Black President of the United States would perform as leader of the free the world After recently completing his first 100 days in the Oval Office, the Barack Obama approval rating is extremely high for a leader faced with so much adversity from a devastating recession to two wars in the Middle East

Never Would Have Made It

When Africans first arrived in this country on slave ships, no one would have ever dreamed of this day During the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s when African Americans struggled to simply obtain the right to vote in this country, no one would have ever dreamed that this day would come during their lifetime

Where Do the Candidates Stand on Religious Faith?

In 2004, religious faith and values may have very well decided the election between President George W Bush and his Democratic rival John Kerry

Where Do the Candidates Stand on Energy Alternatives?

Over recent years, the sad reality that the planet is getting warmer and several world treasures have become endangered has made the search for energy alternatives an international priority Domestically, excessively expensive gas prices have further fueled the need for alternative energy solutions in order to lighten the load on Americans

Where Do the Candidates Stand on Immigration Laws?

Throughout the historic 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama and John McCain have disagreed and debated over issues such as the war in Iraq, the economy, and faith and values, rarely agreeing on a problem or solution However, when it comes to the need to reform United States immigration laws, both candidates seem to be on the same wavelength and both are determined to secure U

Where Do the Candidates Stand on Crime Prevention?

It is the American dream To buy a beautiful house with the white picket fence, and raise a family in a safe neighborhood, where crime is almost nonexistent was reality for many families of generations past but unfortunately has become wishful thinking in the 21st century