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New tenants only; existing tenants are unaffected

The changes in the statute of limitations in the Hoboken Rent Control Ordinance that is being proposed by Councilman Ruben Ramos would only apply to new tenants only; existing tenants are unaffected.

Hoboken Ed chief plans exit; Meeting erupts into uproar

HOBOKEN - Schools Superintendent Patrick Gagliardi is on his way out and taxpayers in the Mile Square City will be footing the hefty buyout, even though the Board of Education opted to renew the administrator's contract a little more than a year ago.

Hoboken's 2% tax hike spurs vow of cost cuts

The party's over for property owners in the Mile Square City. Property owners received their first-quarter estimated tax bills in the mail last week and saw a 2-percent municipal tax increase - the first hike in more than 10 years.

Hello - Goodbye

New interim housing director lasts three days, then resigns

The instability of the leadership at the Hoboken Housing Authority continued last week after Interim Executive Director Robert Graham resigned after only three days on the job.

This is a major mess for the Housing Authority's Board of Commissioners. The HHA oversees the city's 1,383 federally subsidized housing units, including three senior buildings. Most of the projects are in the southwest part of town.

Experienced director hired to run Housing Authority, temporarily

So why hire an interim director to replace another interim director?

While DiVincent has been making progress in closing a million deficit left by the previous director, he also serves as the director of the West New York and Weehawken housing authorities.

HHA Commissioner Christopher Campos, who is also the City Council president, said that DiVincent did a good job, but that he was spread too thin between three housing authorities.

Political rumors

Before Thursday's meeting, there were rumors that the HHA board majority wanted to bring an ally of Mayor David Roberts into the executive director's position. Some suggested it might be the city's Human Services director, Carmelo Garcia, who also serves as the Board of Ed. president and hosts a local weekly cable TV show. Garcia's name was not mentioned Thursday night. 

Change at top for the HHA

Change at top for the HHA

One Robert is out and another is in after an emotional Hoboken Housing Authority meeting last night.

Robert DiVincent, the HHA's interim director, walked out of the meeting as two commissioners expressed disappointment with the commission's 4-to-2 vote to replace him with veteran public housing official Robert Graham.

Last month, the board of commissioners agreed to terminate its contract with DiVincent in order to appoint a full-time interim director, and last night the commissioners hired Graham, the former interim director of the Jersey City Housing Authority, on a 60-day contract.

A Swift Climb Up the Ladder For an Ex-Aide To Menendez

In January 1998, Kay Elizabeth LiCausi, a 26-year-old graduate of Rutgers University and a former Congressional intern, walked into the second-story office of a New Jersey congressman to start a job as scheduler.

The work was not glamorous - sorting through invitations, checking Amtrak timetables and fetching breakfast. But Ms. LiCausi was working for Representative Robert Menendez, a rising star in Democratic Party politics and the de facto political leader of Hudson County, who was soon to become the highest-ranking Hispanic member of Congress. She quickly gained his trust, and less than three years later was promoted to director of his New Jersey headquarters.

BYRNE SUCCUMBS AT HOME Corrupt, genial political insider rose to power in the 1970s

Colorful Hudson County political insider and admitted bribe bagman Paul J. Byrne was found dead in his Downtown Jersey City residence yesterday afternoon.

Byrne, 59, already blind from diabetes, suffered congestive heart failure and a stroke on March 31, less than a week before he was to be sentenced on charges that he took bribes for disgraced former Hudson County Executive Robert Janiszewski.

While Byrne was in the hospital, doctors determined he needed a bypass operation, but Byrne said he was ready to die. He returned to his Washington Boulevard home after 11 days in the hospital, telling his doctors and family members that he did not want to be resuscitated if he lost consciousness.

Final, fateful chapter in a Hudson epic Byrne's life ends on the day Janiszewski starts his jail term

Robert Janiszewski and Paul Byrne shared a friendship for nearly a lifetime, political power for a generation and the infamy of corruption during the last few years.

Yesterday, the former Hudson County executive and his once- loyal bagman parted for the last time in quintessential New Jersey fashion.

Janiszewski reported to prison.

Byrne died.

BYRNE 'AT PEACE' Tells docs not to resuscitate lets kin know time is near

Among the saints and scoundrels of New Jersey politics, there are few lives as colorful as that of Paul J. Byrne.

A streetwise kid from Jersey City, he rose to become the guru of backroom politics for the state's most powerful Democrats.

There were heady times, fueled by power and graft. And a spectacular fall marked by two final betrayals: first, his lifelong pal, Hudson County Executive Robert Janiszewski, ratted him out to the FBI; then, his own body quit on him.

Now, Byrne says, he's ready to die.