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Hospital uses high-tech infection detection

 Like a skulking intruder, their presence is felt rather than seen.  They wreak havoc on their victims and sometimes take an inestimable toll.

But unlike a criminal, these interlopers don't break into your house, they invade your body. They are the germs that breed in hospitals, causing an estimated 2 million infections per year in 5 percent of the patients there.

Fire rips through Hoboken building

A woman and her cat were trapped on the fourth floor of a burning building this morning in Hoboken, as 20-foot flames on the fire escape blocked her exit, officials said.

Officials are unsure how the fire started at the four-story apartment building on 11th and Washington streets but heavy flames, smoke and water damage left the tenants temporarily homeless, said Battalion Chief Joseph La Bruno.

Did they ticket the wrong people?

Suspended Parking Utility employees claim unfair leniency for politically connected

Two Hoboken parking employees who were suspended last month for allegedly issuing tickets in a "retaliatory manner" say they are the ones being retaliated against for trying to write tickets for police officers and other connected individuals who were illegally parked.

Hero returns

Hoboken detective arrives home from military service in Iraq
By: Michael D. Mullins , Reporter staff writer 

Michael DePalma's mission last May when he arrived with 42 men in Baghdad, Iraq was to seek out and capture enemy personnel and their supplies.

Last week, the Army Captain and Bronze Star recipient returned home to Hoboken to bagpipes and a Garden Street block party held in his honor.

Stevens garage clears final hurdle

725-car facility to be completed on Sinatra Drive 

The appellate division of the New Jersey Superior Court upheld on March 31 the Zoning Board of Adjustment's site plan and variance approval for Stevens Institute of Technology to construct a 725-car parking garage on Sinatra Drive underneath the recently opened Babbio Center.

Stroke victims get new chance. Device goes into the brain and removes clot

Traci Miller had just gotten up to put her 3-year-old daughter, Alexis, back to bed. While she was up, she decided to take a shower.

She never made it.

Without warning, the 35-year-old Hackettstown mother of two was felled by a stroke.

Problems for school board: Consultant Libera quits

Problems for school board
Consultant Libera quits after saying he couldn't get access
By: Tom Jennemann, Hoboken Reporter  

Former State Commissioner of Education William L. Librera, who was brought into the Hoboken schools as a consultant to help develop a long-term plan for the district, walked away from his $24,000 contract last week.

In a letter to the board, Librera charged that he was not given access to the schools and to the documents needed to complete his study of the district.

TWO-THIRDS SAY: Corzine needs to reduce spending more

Two-thirds of New Jersey voters want Gov. Corzine to find more budget cuts rather than raise taxes to deal with a $4.5 billion budget deficit, a Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey Newspapers Poll shows.

Candidates look to familiar sources for raising money

Both candidates vying for the Democratic nomination in the 13th District Congressional race are tapping into local sources for their campaign cash, according to federal elections reports.

Perth Amboy Mayor and Assemblyman Joseph Vas raised $170,200 between Jan. 1 and March 31 and almost $70,000 of it came from the developers who are involved in the city's redevelopment.

West New York Mayor and Assemblyman Albio Sires raised $437,000 in the same period, more than $60,000 of it coming from two groups: employees of West New York's Town Hall and the Board of Education.