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Unanimous vote for St. Mary deal; eye Sept. handover

HOBOKEN - The City Council introduced an ordinance last week that will allow for the creation of a municipal hospital authority to oversee St. Mary Hospital.

A foray into the hospital business

Hoboken is now only weeks away from officially acquiring St. Mary Hospital.  Earlier this week, Gov. Jon Corzine signed legislation that will allow Hoboken to form a quasi-governmental "Hospital Authority" to manage the 250-bed medical facility. Sen. Bernard Kenny and Assemblyman Albio Sires sponsored the legislation. 

Corzine sees 'pay to play' can apply to budgets, too

By midnight on Thursday, Gov. Jon Corzine had heard enough, so he left the Senate caucus room and asked his treasurer to bargain on his behalf.

This was an ugly bit of business.

Democratic legislators had agreed earlier that day to increase the sales tax. Now, behind closed doors, they wanted payback.

And it came in the form of $330 million in spending programs that were stuffed into the budget during that overnight meeting -- without any hearings, without any real scrutiny.

Newark police fire two for Web criticisms

Department learned names after sheriff subpoenaed Internet and cable firms

The Newark Police Department has fired two officers and is considering the dismissal of two others for anonymous comments they posted on a popular Internet blog.

The turnaround man, Holzberg discusses St. Mary Hospital's recovery, recent profitable month.

St. Mary Hospital made a nearly $150,000 profit in May, a significant milestone in the hospital's transformation from a money losing private not-for-profit into a city-owned facility. St. Mary's chief executive and noted hospital turnaround guru Harvey Holzberg believes that it is just the first of many profitable months to come.

State legislation approves Municipal Hospital Authority

July 8, 2006

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Troubled St. Mary Hospital can be purchased by a Hoboken municipal authority under legislation approved Saturday morning by the Assembly.

The Senate in June approved the bill to save the state's oldest hospital. The Assembly voted 43-32 to approve it.

St. Mary Hospital is owned by Bon Secours Health Systems. The hospital has 328 beds and 967 employees, but Bon Secours recently filed with the state close the hospital, citing $118 million in debt since the company took over the hospital in 2000.

The plan calls for Hoboken to create a municipal authority that would run the hospital and be eligible for state financial aid.

State to OK creation of city 'hospital authority.' Moving closer to Hoboken's takeover of St. Mary

Within the next week, the New Jersey state legislature is expected to pass a law that will facilitate Hoboken's purchase of St. Mary Hospital. The bill permits cities to create their own "hospital authority," a quasi-governmental agency, much like a parking authority.

COMMENTARY: Does Corzine understand his role?

Did Jon Corzine have a Howard Dean moment?

Impressed by the 6,000 or so union members noisily rallying before him, the governor said, "We're gonna fight for a fair contract." We? If he's on labor's side of the table during negotiations, who represents their employer, the taxpayers of New Jersey?

HOBOKEN BUDGET DEAL FAST, QUIET - Journal story spurs state officials to question city plan

HOBOKEN - Officials at the state Department of Community Affairs pressed city officials about a $5 million revenue source for its 2006 budget after reading a story in Friday's edition of The Jersey Journal.

On Wednesday, the City' Council approved an ordinance nance to allow a paper corporation, NWF Leasing Corp, to take over a sale/leaseback agreement from the Hudson County Improvement Authority by borrowing $15 million from North Fork Bank, allowing the city to plug a $5 million budget shortfall.

The arrangement stands to cost the city an additional $600,000 to $700,000 a year in added interest and administrative costs.