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Adding 3 stories a no-go Residents applaud vote

To cheers from the audience, the City Council voted 5-4 narrowly voted down introduction of an ordinance that would have added three stories to the proposed building at the municipal garage site on Observer Highway.

The original plan for the 1-acre site called for a 240-unit building with a "step-down" design ranging from seven to nine stories, while the latest design called for a building ranging from nine to 12 stories.

Eminent domain showdown tomorrow

HOBOKEN — The city council is once again being asked to authorize a controversial plan to take two businesses in the Northwest Redevelopment Zone — but its anyone's guess if Mayor David Roberts can win the five votes needed to introduce the ordinance at tomorrow's council meeting.

In March, the council withdrew an ordinance authorizing the condemnation of two Grand Street properties, citing a lawsuit filed by the redeveloper, Ursa/Tarragon.

Got cops? With seven new cadets, police union complains department is still 20 short

Still not enough cops.  A 20-officer deficit infuriates Hoboken PBA Local No. 2 President Detective Vince Lombardi, who warns of a strain on the department and says "The mayor's idea of a crisis management plan is to wait for a crisis to happen and then scramble to figure out how to manage it".

STICKY FINGERS Stevens worker charged

HOBOKEN - Stevens Institute of Technology employee Donna Johnson was living high on the hog and taking trip after trip, but her next voyage may be up the proverbial river, authorities said.

Johnson allegedly stole more than $300,000 from the prestigious university over a four-year period and apparently spent the wads of cash on trips and other lavish items, Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio said yesterday.

Deal a garage opener

HOBOKEN - City officials and the former operators of the Garden Street automated garage reached a settlement Wednesday that will keep the 314-space garage in business.

According to a joint statement released yesterday, the city will pay Robotics Parking Inc., of Clearwater, Fla., $5,500 a month for three years to license the software needed to operate the intricate system of elevators, pallets and pulleys.

Governor open to idea of municipal sales taxes

Gov. Jon Corzine said yesterday he may support allowing municipalities to impose their own sales taxes to help control property taxes.

New Jersey gets ready to examine disputed school funding

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- Most of New Jerseyans' sky-high property taxes go to pay for their local schools. The state also helps, sending more than 30 cents of every $1 it spends each year to public schools.

The combination has led to New Jersey having the highest property taxes in the nation, and to increasing scrutiny of how the state pays for education as hefty aid continues to go to city schools compared to those in other districts.

GARAGE STANDOFF Hoboken says firm 'hijacked' software

HOBOKEN - City officials plan to ask a federal judge on Monday to order an injunction against the former operators of the Garden Street automated garage, claiming the Florida-based company hijacked the system and trapped several hundred cars in the facility at rush hour yesterday morning.

The computer system that operates the first-in-the-nation garage came to a grinding halt early yesterday morning. As of last evening, the 314-space garage was back at work, but only on a sporadic basis, officials said.

Tarragon took shortcut to problems with condos

A shortcut deemed to be a criminal act has backfired on a prominent real estate developer and its contractor, resulting in fines, house arrest and convictions for a project in Fort Lauderdale.

Tarragon Management's treatment of asbestos at the construction site was considered a violation of the federal Clean Air Act. This was not a mistake, but a criminal act, according to court documents.

US DOJ June 19, 2006 Press Release

Robot garage shut down, stranding Hoboken car owners

HOBOKEN - City officials plan to ask for an injunction against the former operators of the Garden Street automated garage, claiming that the Clearwater, Fla-based company found a way to hijack operations of the 314-car facility.

The computer system that operates the first-in-the-nation robotic garage came to a grinding halt early this morning, leaving hundreds of cars trapped in the catacomb-like structure.