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It's August - Do you know where your budget is?

Four Hudson County towns are always late - and your wallet suffers
Hoboken approved their 2006 municipal budget 10 months late.  Jersey City was nine months late.  Bayonne was 11 months late, and Union City was also 11 months late.  Since the year 2000, late budgets in these four towns have cost local politicians their jobs, forced tax hikes, and in one case, shut down city government completely.

Little public input on school board replacement Santana-Alicea likely to fill vacant seat

Little public input on school board replacement
Santana-Alicea likely to fill vacant seat 

WANTS TO OPEN THE PROCESS – Hoboken Board of Education Trustee Theresa Minutillo thinks the board should collect resumes to find the best candidate to fill a vacant seat.   Even though Board of Education member John Raslowsky II's resignation isn't effective until Aug. 29, the board quickly and without public comment has already picked his replacement.

40 face eviction from the projects

40 face eviction from the projects

Improvements in safety measures and infrastructure for the city's low-income housing projects are coming along, just a year and a half after the Hoboken Housing Authority accepted a federal $10.3 million dollar loan.

But some stepped-up security measures are being debated, as the HHA recently stepped up the process of evicting families if one member of the household is convicted of an alleged drug infraction or other crime.

Police investigate each other GPS monitoring results in five suspensions, 13 reprimands

Police investigate each other
GPS monitoring results in five suspensions, 13 reprimands 

After a 14-month investigation led by Hoboken's internal affairs unit, 13 of the city's 25 police officers who were assigned to a 12-to-8 a.m. shift were found not to have been patrolling their beats at certain times, and given suspensions recently.

Since 2005, Internal Affairs has used Global Positioning System (GPS) in patrol cars to track how often each car moves during a shift. The GPS devices were public knowledge throughout the department, according to Hoboken Police Chief Dr. Carmen LaBruno.

Watchdog questions public document fees, Hamilton may have overcharged residents for copying

In April, a state Superior Court judge struck down rates charged by the City of Hoboken to copy public records.

HAMILTON -- Hundreds of residents who have requested public documents from the township clerk's office during the past six years may have been severely overcharged and should be given refunds, a citizens group has charged.

Members of the government watchdog group Citizens Campaign have uncovered a 6-year-old township resolution that calls for charges of 5 cents per page for copies made of public documents held by the clerk's office.

Attorney General Put Up a Fight Before Relenting and Resigning

TRENTON, Aug. 16 — Even as Gov. Jon S. Corzine was minutes away from publicly calling for the resignation of Attorney General Zulima V. Farber, Ms. Farber was deciding whether to fight the effort to force her out, according to four people involved in the complex negotiations.

Court ruling bolsters public records act Citizens entitled to attorney's fees

Court ruling bolsters public records act
Citizens entitled to attorney's fees

TRENTON —A Somerset County woman who hired a lawyer in order to access government records under the Open Public Records Act is entitled to an award of "reasonable attorney's fees," a state appellate court ruled Tuesday.

The ruling means that "if the agency releases the record because the complaint was filed, then the attorney is going to get paid for his or her time," said Richard Gutman, lawyer for Cynthia Teeters of Franklin Township.

Failure to steer clear of trouble left the AG no margin for error

Zulima Farber came in under a cloud. And she's leaving under one.

The first Hispanic to hold the high-profile job of attorney general, Farber's nomination was greeted with skepticism by critics who cited her history of driving infractions that helped scuttle her as a candidate for the state Supreme Court three years ago.

Now Farber will exit Trenton after only seven months on the job as New Jersey's top cop after a special prosecutor [READ REPORT] determined she broke ethics rules during a traffic stop involving her boyfriend.

Observer Hwy bldg can rise 9 stories, not 12. Council votes against bigger maximum on old garage property

The Hoboken City Council voted down an ordinance Wednesday night that would have raised the allowable height for development at the city's municipal garage property on Observer Highway from nine to 12 stories.

But Mayor David Roberts said that raising the maximum would allow the city to sell the land for more money and use that money to buy park space elsewhere.

Reprimands for 13 cops 'not patrolling' Hoboken

HOBOKEN - Thirteen members of the Police Department were reprimanded this week in the wake of a 14-month investigation that ended with the resignation of the department's highest ranking female police officer, said Chief Carmen LaBruno.

According to LaBruno, GPS tracking devices used as evidence against Capt. Karen Dimonde - who resigned last month after admitting that she wasn't showing up for her midnight-to-8 a.m. shift - proved that others on Dimonde's command were also slacking off.