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Menendez: BOB WIPES MUD OUT OF HIS EYES Rips Kean's 'campaign of smear'

U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez slammed the campaign of his Republican challenger, Tom Kean Jr., yesterday for enlisting disgraced former Hudson County Executive Robert Janiszewski in what he called a "campaign of smear."

"I think it speaks volumes of Tom Kean Jr.'s campaign," said Menendez, referring to published reports that a researcher for the Kean campaign struck up a pen-pal relationship with Janiszewski, who's serving time in Kentucky prison for extortion, in the hopes of dredging up dirt about Menendez.

Menendez can do little wrong at home in Hudson, poll shows

The race between Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez and Republican challenger Thomas Kean Jr. may be a dead heat across the state, but in Hudson County the hometown favorite is way ahead, according to a recent Jersey Journal/ New Jersey City University poll.

The poll shows Menendez - who grew up in Union City and now lives in Hoboken - with a near 3-to-1 lead in Hudson County over his opponent.

Bryant: Another no-show job for S. Jersey's Bryant? He sent staff from his law firm to argue cases on child support in his stead, court workers say.

New Jersey State Sen. Wayne Bryant, already under federal investigation and accused of holding a no-show job at a state university, is racking up lucrative pension credits for another taxpayer-funded job he doesn't always do.

Bryant earns nearly $60,000 as a lawyer for the Gloucester County Board of Social Services. One of his key responsibilities is to represent the board in child-support cases in Family Court.

David Letterman's Top-10 chapter titles for McGreevey's Book

David Letterman's Top-10 chapter titles
McGreevey's Book:

10) "The Day I Got Caught Governing Myself;"

9) "How to Pretend to Like Girls for 47 Years;"

8) "From Schwarzenegger to Pataki: Governors I'd Like to Oil Up;"

7) "Another Confession - I Can't Resist Entenmann's Pound Cake;"

6) "At First I Just Thought I Was Bipartisan;"

5) "The New Jersey Budget Crisis - What Would Judy Garland Do?;"

4) "A Look at the Governor's Balls;"

3) "Politicians Who Left a Bad Taste in My Mouth;"

2) "How to Push Through a Bill - Or a Steve or a Larry;"

And the No. 1 chapter title - drum roll, please! - "Why I Don't Like Bush."

Business: Jersey-style

THEY WERE TWO Jersey guys, talking on the phone. Oscar and Donald. Psychiatrist and lawyer. An odd couple if ever there was one.

Oscar begins by asking Donald about a recent vacation trip.

"It was good. It was real nice," Donald says.

He goes on to note that he is "very happy" and "very, very content" -- and then, with a laugh, Donald adds one more thing:

"But I'm back to reality."

The odd reality of psychiatrist Oscar Sandoval and attorney Donald Scarinci, captured on tape in February 1999, may actually determine who New Jersey's next U.S. senator will be.

Who should run the Hoboken schools? Residents meet to discuss process

Hoboken has more than 2,100 children in eight public schools - and now all it needs is a new person to run the district.

Current Superintendent of Schools Patrick Gagliardi is retiring. His contract expires on June 30, 2007. The Board of Education has about nine months to choose a successor.

Corzine: From gym to limo, N.J.'s 7% sales tax expands tomorrow

TRENTON - Michael Briehler wanted to make a point when telling his health-club customers they'll have to pay more as of tomorrow, thanks to a new state sales tax that affects things ranging from tattoos to shopping clubs.

So Briehler sent them a photograph of children selling lemonade on a front lawn, with the dejected tykes warning customers they would have to pay sales tax on their drinks.

Front-yard lemonade hawked by children remains out of reach of the New Jersey tax man, but Briehler wanted to make a point to patrons of his Ewing club.

"Funds are getting tighter," said Briehler, president of PEAC Health & Fitness. "It hurts healthy lifestyles."

Bryant: State AG launches inquiry into Bryant and Camden redevelopment aid

The [New Jersey State] Attorney General's Office has opened its own investigation into Sen. Wayne Bryant, the embattled Camden County lawmaker accused by a federal monitor of ordering the state's medical university to give him a no-show job.

State prosecutors sent a subpoena to the city of Camden last Monday seeking the financial records of a neighborhood redevelopment plan for which Bryant helped secure millions of dollars in state funding in 2003.

Bryant: Ex-official: Bryant used weight to get Rutgers job

CAMDEN — State Sen. Wayne R. Bryant, who stepped down Monday from a key legislative post amid an ethics scandal, pressured Rutgers officials for a job and a berth in the university\'s Hall of Distinguished Alumni, a former university board member said.

The Camden County Democrat, an alumnus of the School of Law at Rutgers-Camden, was hired by the university in 2002 and inducted as a distinguished alumnus in 2005.

Corzine asks CRDA to oust its attorney

TRENTON:  Gov. Jon S. Corzine wants the man [Scarinci] at the center of the latest scandal involving U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez to step down from his role as attorney for the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

Donald Scarinci, a longtime fundraiser and ally to Menendez, was caught on tape telling a psychiatrist that Menendez would afford him protection if he rehired a doctor he had fired a year before. The psychiatrist, FBI informant Oscar Sandoval, claims the 1999 conversation intended to send a message ”delivered on behalf of Menendez that Sandoval would lose his government contracts if he did not rehire the doctor.