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New Political Will Looks Toward Reunification Between South and North Cyprus

The property market in North Cyprus is undergoing serious changes at the moment, with the currently low property prices rising

Climate Change and Politcs: Global Warming Continues Due to Too Much Hot Air?

All the way back in January 2004 Sir David A King, the Government

Cyprus' Political Climate Change

Anybody contemplating purchasing a second, or replacement home abroad at the moment should be watching the current political manoeuvrings and goings on in Cyprus Cyprus has been divided into a Turkish Cypriot North, which accounts for one third of the island, and a Greek Cypriot south since 1974, when the installed Greek nationalist leader Nikos Sampson became de facto president of the island

Politicians Put the Car Into CO2

Car manufacturers are not yet meeting European Union targets on fuel efficiency and lower carbon dioxide emission on the majority of their new models, according to environmental campaigners A pan-European lobby group, Transport and Environment (T and E), has called the industry out for fighting against current EU legislation and, even more worryingly, proposed future limits

Football and Politics One Side and the Same As Cyprus Revives Reunification Attempts

Football is one of those things that is far more important that the immediate sum of its parts

Cyprus President Warns of 'Chasing Illusions'

A row broke out in Cyprus this week between church and state President Christiofias, who has led the Greek Cypriots since February of this year, was publicly criticised by the Bishop of Paphos Georgios, who was speaking on behalf of Archbishop Chrystostomos, over his progressive attitude to the Cyprus Problem and his well known desire for reunification between the two sides