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Promotions fair to the taxpayers and to law enforcement

Promotions fair to the taxpayers and to law enforcement
12/22/2002 Hoboken Reporter

Dear Editor:

Eighteen months ago, upon his appointment as our Mayor, David Roberts and I met for the first time. Mayor Roberts did not seek retribution against those in the department who opposed his candidacy. Her made only two demands: A visible police presence to protect our citizens and a police force that is respectful to their citizens.

In the past eighteen months, in the face of budgetary constraints and intense opposition from some of his adversaries, Mayor Roberts has supported and delivered a contract that is fair to Police Officers and the taxpayers of Hoboken. He has supported innovative strategies such as a School safety Bureau, the Pilot Mounted Horse Patrol and an increase in the Table of Organization to better serve the public.

The Police Officers, the Hoboken Police Department and the citizens of Hoboken owe a dept of gratitude to a man whose integrity is impeccable and who stands up for his principles.

Carmen V. LaBruno
Chief of Police

City Budget: Has David washed his hands like Pontius "Pilot" Payments In Lieu of Taxes

Dear Editor:

It is rare these days I agree with anything Mayor David Roberts does. His recent reversal of his position on Payments In Lieu of Taxes (PILOTS), places us in agreement on how to lower property taxes, lower rents determined by property taxes and increase ratables in Hoboken. Increased ratables have always been a sound method of holding the line on property tax increases. The greater the ratables the larger amount of taxes paid by developers and large projects instead of individual homeowners or those with a small number of apartments to rent.

City Budget: OK, let's look at what Roberts has done - and hasn't

In his letter in the Oct. 27 issue, Hoboken's Chief Financial Officer Michael Lenz asks that the we judge the Roberts administration "on what we do". I agree. Let's look at their fiscal record.

Councilman Roberts used to rail against high spending at the Board of Education. Yet in the last election, Mayor Roberts took no position on the budget? How should we view his silence?

Misleading statements must be exposed

Hoboken Reporter

Dear Editor:
For the benefit of the public I must expose Mr. Lenz for his misleading statements in recent advertisements and interviews.

Mr Lenz complains about "Big Campaign contributions"
Truth: Mr Lenz had no trouble cashing those checks when he managed our campaign.

The Campos 'hoax' is not evidence of change

The Campos 'hoax' is not evidence of change 
10/21/2001 Hoboken Reporter

Dear Editor:

I would be remiss if I did not submit a letter regarding the controversy that is surrounding the coming special election in the fourth ward of Hoboken. The residents of this patch of the city have been behind the "Iron Curtain" for at least the last four decades.

Lynda Walker decided it was time to stand up for the people in government housing who have been the pawns of the chess game called Hoboken Housing Authority, and she was given the opportunity by being nominated as a commissioner to the board. All of this and she decided to run for the ward seat as well. I give her credit; she is a strong black woman who would have made a great addition to the council as a woman and a minority. She was pushed off the Hoboken United trolley metaphorically by a number of aggressive wannabes shortly after they arrived in office.

Residents here have been told how to vote and whom to vote for since their parents first settled here. Clearly, there has been minimal if any civic and civil interaction between the politicos and the residents for as long as I can remember, and I have lived here for over 40 years. The landscape proves this as it has been a mess until politicians and relatives bought up all the land that would be blighted and condemned and made "new cheaply constructed housing."

The article by Tom Jennemann recalls it all happening again with the appointment of Chris Campos to the interim 4th Ward seat on the city council. If truth were told, Mr. Campos has not nor has he ever wanted to be involved in Hoboken politics. He left the city to pursue his education and only came back to visit relatives who helped raise him. Not being very interested in Hoboken, he's never even registered to vote in city, state or national elections. This is unusual in itself as Hoboken High's politically involved staff registers you as soon as you turn 18. I guess he couldn't get out fast enough.

Now, the present politicos would have you believe that he is the next great thing that will "change the 4th Ward." I bristle over this, as these same people would have started a war if former mayor Anthony Russo and his supporters had perpetrated this hoax on Hoboken in the last election. You can't have selective democracy, folks; either you work for change or you are still part of the problem.

Karen O'Shea