Kurt Hartman

Kurt Hartman is an unfortunate consumer of all things political and tech related. He has been caught playing Devil's Advocate several times, after which Satan has sought better representation. When he isn't writing, he works as a Web Analyst for a firm that sells otr tires or otr tyres(depending on what part of the world you hail from).

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President Obama : Clear Questions, Hard Answers

The last election brought some interesting changes to the USA You might say it brought "The Change" that some of us were looking for

Unfounded Fears - What if Obama Doesn't Win?

What happens if Barack Obama doesn't win this election cycle Look, I know everyone is saying this a given, but what if

It's Just A Piece Of Paper: The Bush Administration's Disdain Towards The Constitution

There is one thing that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on during this contentious election cycle: The Bush Administration has completely undermined the US Constitution While most Republicans will not admit it publicly( I happen to be one of the ones that will

The Audacity Of Reality

Every day, I am am bombarded by the ever-present drivel that we call "news" in this country By the time my head hits a wrinkled, unintentionally drool-stained pillow, my mind is awash in opinion, conjecture, and a range of commentary that is inexcusably vast