Ed Mecka

Hoboken Police Captain Ed Mecka (ret) is a 28 year veteran of the Hoboken, New Jersey Police Department. 

But retirement hasn't stopped Ed from doing what he does best, investigations into political curruption and managing his Hoboken Community Activist website "edmecka.com"

New Jersey's OPRA "Open Public Records Act" and OPMA "Open Public Meetings Act" are the citizens' window into the inner workings of New Jersey government. 

The Open Public Records Act "OPRA" provides guidelines for the dissemination of “public” government records.  Not every government record is “public” and there are restrictions.  But for the most part, OPRA does a good job in providing record access.  Unfortunately, sometimes even the simplest request for a "public" document can be a nightmare for many citizens.  If you know your rights under OPRA and the record is “public”… you should have an easier time getting the requested information.   Learn more about OPRA.

The Open Public Meetings Act “OPMA” sets a standard for government meetings, i.e. City Council meetings, Freeholders meetings, etc.  Learn more about OPMA.

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Quote of the Week - May 15, 2006

"I am disappointed it's not going up for a vote," he said. "We had the opportunity to draw the line in the sand.... instead we're kicking the can down the road."

Hoboken Councilman Peter Cammarano's response when the Hoboken City Council once again put off a decision on a controversial plan to seize the two operating businesses on the west side of Grand between 10th and 11th Street through eminent domain. The ordinance would have allowed condemnation and turned over the properties to a private developer who plans to build 150 condos.

New Jersey Statutes: Local Government Ethics Law

40A:9-22.5  Provisions requiring compliance by local government officers, employees
      Local government officers or employees under the jurisdiction of the Local Finance Board shall comply with the following provisions:
     a.   No local government officer or employee or member of his immediate family shall have an interest in a business organization or engage in any business, transaction, or professional activity, which is in substantial conflict with the proper discharge of his duties in the public interest

New Jersey League of Municipalities supports the Kelo decision

No Chance of Kelo in N.J.

So says the New Jersey League of Municipalities in their white paper entitled "Redevelopement - A Fundamental Right and Responsibility of Local Government.

The exact circumstance in the Kelo case could not occur in New Jersey since a designation or blight (redevelopment) is required to provide the basis for any governmental action.   After the decision, the League has been asked to comment on, criticize or defend the Court

Hoboken mob trial defendent attacks feds' use of informant

Tapes secretly recorded for the federal government by Peter Caporino, 69, who owned the Character Club in Hoboken and allegedly had ties to the Genovese crime family, are expected to be the centerpiece of the March 20 trial of reputed mobster Joseph Scarbrough, accused of running illegal sports betting out of Hudson County.

Caporino, according to court papers filed by the government, spent more than two years building the key evidence in the case: Recording roughly 800 hours of conversations with fellow mobsters and others, including unidentified public employees.

Hoboken Councilman Considers Sponsoring OPMA and OPRA Amendments

I stopped by the Black Bear Pub earlier tonight to wish my co-worker and long-time friend, Hoboken Police Captain ANTHONY ROMANO, the best of luck in the upcoming Board of Education race

While there, I had an excellent conversation with Hoboken Councilman At Large PETER CAMMARANO with respect to N.J. Senate Bill S.1219.  The legislation provides for much needed amendments to both the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA) and Open Public Records Act (OPRA). 

It was a pleasure to find Councilman Cammarano very knowledgeable about the pending N.J. Senate legislation and Cammarano went as far as expressing an interest in presenting the amendments to the Hoboken City Council.

Hoboken Charged with Open Public Meeting Violations

"Democracies die behind closed doors. A government operating in the shadow of secrecy stands in complete opposition to the society envisioned by the framers of our Constitution."
--- Judge Damon Keith, of the 6th U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals, 2002.

The Hoboken Reporter newspaper reported that on February 7, 2006, Mayor Roberts' education initiative held an invitation-only event for about 40 community leaders who have a stake in the city's educational system.

The meeting, which was closed to the press, was held at the house of Stevens Institute of Technology's President Harold Raveche. Roberts said that the press was not invited to the meeting so that it would not be politicized. According to Roberts, attendees included almost every Hoboken elected official from the City Council and the Board of Education, district administrations, city educators, and local business and civic leaders.

PAY-TO-PLAY: Law passed


Hoboken Rent Control Ordinance v. The N.J. Consumer Fraud Act

A proposed amendment to the Hoboken Rent Control Ordinance that would limit the payouts of thousands of dollars in illegally charged rents may infringe upon the protections afforded by the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, N.J.S.A Title 56, Chapter 8.

Before taking such action, it would be wise for the Hoboken City Council to review the  Supreme Court of the United States decision in COHEN v. DE LA CRUZ ET AL, No. 96-1923. Argued January 20, 1998-Decided March 24, 1998.  

Petitioner <COHEN>owned several residential properties in and around Hoboken, New Jersey, one of which was subject to a local rent control ordinance. In 1989, the Hoboken Rent Control Administrator determined that petitioner had been charging rents above the levels permitted by the ordinance, and ordered him to refund to the affected tenants, who are respondents in this Court, $31,382.50 in excess rents charged. Petitioner did not comply with the order. 

The US Supreme Court ruled "Under New Jersey law, the debt for fraudulently obtaining $31,382.50 in rent payments includes treble damages and attorney

Tech Wreck??? High Cost of Stevens Institute Improvement

From his 13th-floor offices in Hoboken overlooking the Stevens Institute of Technology campus and the Manhattan skyline, life looks pretty good to longtime school president Harold Raveche.

School Ethics Commission Complaint????

You have the right to complain to the School Ethics Commission if you believe a school official, either a school board member or a school administrator, is engaging in activities that put their personal financial interest ahead of their public responsibilities (N.J.S.A. 18A:12-29; 18A:12-24).  For complete information click on the link The Right to Make an Ethics Complaint