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Hoboken Police Captain Ed Mecka (ret) is a 28 year veteran of the Hoboken, New Jersey Police Department. 

But retirement hasn't stopped Ed from doing what he does best, investigations into political curruption and managing his Hoboken Community Activist website "edmecka.com"

New Jersey's OPRA "Open Public Records Act" and OPMA "Open Public Meetings Act" are the citizens' window into the inner workings of New Jersey government. 

The Open Public Records Act "OPRA" provides guidelines for the dissemination of “public” government records.  Not every government record is “public” and there are restrictions.  But for the most part, OPRA does a good job in providing record access.  Unfortunately, sometimes even the simplest request for a "public" document can be a nightmare for many citizens.  If you know your rights under OPRA and the record is “public”… you should have an easier time getting the requested information.   Learn more about OPRA.

The Open Public Meetings Act “OPMA” sets a standard for government meetings, i.e. City Council meetings, Freeholders meetings, etc.  Learn more about OPMA.

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Hoboken Board of Education Race April 18, 2006

Results of the Hoboken Board of Education Race:

Completed Precincts: 36 of 36 (100%)
  1. Minutello -  1673 
  2. Romano -    1635
  3. Raia -          1631
  4. Alicea -        1525
  5. Gillard -       1296
  6. Tobias -       1228

School Budget

  Vote Count
Yes 1,105
No 1,101
Total 2,206


The real winner in this election was Administration backed Frank Raia who survived not only the traditional frontal attack from anti-administration foes, but also had to contend with and overcome the


Hoboken Ethics - NUMERO UNO!

By Ed Mecka@edmecka.com
April 13, 2006

Hoboken: On Monday, April 10, 2006 the City of Hoboken made the history books by the unanimous passing of a Pay to Play resolution at the Hoboken Board of Education. Hoboken is now the only city in New Jersey to have both Municipal and Board of Education financial restrictions with respect to political donations and public contracts.

Outgoing Board of Education member RON ROSENBERG fought long and hard to forge an unprecedented consensus among Board members who have often demonstrated unique differences of opinion on many issues. According to ROSENBERG, the passing of the resolution will go a long way in instilling public confidence in the financial decisions of the Board which recently approved a $ 51 million budget.

State Criminal Justice reorganization - Gangs, Organized Crime, Political Corruption

Better late then never?  Two years after the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation (SCI) published "The Changing Face of  ORGANIZED CRIME IN NEW JERSEY" May 2004, the New Jersey State Attorney General's Office recently announced that the number of investigators and prosecutors assigned to combat three pressing threats to public safety — gangs, organized crime and public corruption — will increase significantly under a criminal justice reorganization plan.

While Hoboken certainly has had its share of problems related to gangs, organized crime activity, and public corruption, reallocating State criminal justice resources to address the findings of the State of New Jersey Commission of Investigation is a step in the right direction. 

New Jersey Court upholds sex offender registry

An attempt by convicted sex offenders to shut down the New Jersey state-run Web site that lists their names, addresses and photographs was rejected today by a state appeals court.

Judge shreds Hoboken's 75 cents-per-copy fee

In a decision that may have statewide ramifications, State Superior Court Judge Carmen Messano struck down the rates that Hoboken charges to copy routine public documents.  Hoboken's 75 cent a page fee is not inline with "real costs" considering that local copy shops charge 6 cents per page.

Although New Jersey State Law N.J.S.A. 47:1A-5 allows charges up to 75 cents per page for the first 10 pages to copy routine public documents, the judge ruled that Hoboken's fees should be more inline with real costs.

The City will now try to determine the actual costs for copying pages and move to amend the City ordinance.

Long Branch residents fight for homes in court

The Anzalone Family

UPDATE:  Judge reserves decision in eminent domain case

Two Long Branch residents whose homes are targeted for condemnation under the policy of eminent domain are heading to court this morning to try to convince a judge to block the taking of their oceanside houses for condominium development.  The Matzel and Mumford Organization of Hazlet is teaming up with Applied Development Company of Hoboken to build the condo project which has resulted in the displacement of area residents, many of whom are senior citizens.   "Matzel and Mumford's considerable consumer awareness in this area and it's stellar record of customer satisfaction made it a logical choice for this partnership," notes David Barry, Applied's President.

Ocean Terrace residents Louis Anzalone, age 89, and Frances DeLuca have asked Monmouth County Assignment Judge Lawrence M. Lawson to invalidate the condemnation of their homes by the city because, they claim, the city has not shown that the properties are in need of redevelopment and therefore eminent domain cannot be used. The city is in the midst of a massive redevelopment of its oceanfront that includes new high-end shops, townhouses, condominiums and apartments where single-family homes used to stand.

Lawson is scheduled to hear arguments at 10 a.m. in Freehold. Opponents of eminent domain - the taking of private property for public use - are expected to protest outside the courthouse an hour before the hearing. 

Eminent Domain backlash in Hoboken

HOBOKEN:  As the "Eminent Domain for Private Gain" issue slowly simmers to a boil in the Mile-SquareCity,  the Hoboken City Council appears committed to averting a very public, protracted, and costly legal battle with the City

Hoboken residents question eminent domain for private gain

     In case you missed it, the hot topic of discussion at the March 15, 2006 Hoboken City Council meeting was the City