Ed Mecka

Hoboken Police Captain Ed Mecka (ret) is a 28 year veteran of the Hoboken, New Jersey Police Department. 

But retirement hasn't stopped Ed from doing what he does best, investigations into political curruption and managing his Hoboken Community Activist website "edmecka.com"

New Jersey's OPRA "Open Public Records Act" and OPMA "Open Public Meetings Act" are the citizens' window into the inner workings of New Jersey government. 

The Open Public Records Act "OPRA" provides guidelines for the dissemination of “public” government records.  Not every government record is “public” and there are restrictions.  But for the most part, OPRA does a good job in providing record access.  Unfortunately, sometimes even the simplest request for a "public" document can be a nightmare for many citizens.  If you know your rights under OPRA and the record is “public”… you should have an easier time getting the requested information.   Learn more about OPRA.

The Open Public Meetings Act “OPMA” sets a standard for government meetings, i.e. City Council meetings, Freeholders meetings, etc.  Learn more about OPMA.

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Federal "Target of Investigation" Letter

Caution: The following is provided for informational purposes only and not intended as legal advice.

Sample Federal Target Letter

This letter is supplied to a witness scheduled to appear before the federal Grand Jury . Here is some helpful background information about the Grand Jury process.

The Grand Jury consists of from sixteen to twenty-three persons from the District of New Jersey. It is their responsibility to inquire into federal crimes which may have been committed in this District.

As a Grand Jury witness you will be asked to testify and answer questions, and to produce records and documents. Only the members of the Grand Jury, attorneys for the United States and a stenographer are permitted in the Grand Jury room while you testify.

Hoboken Clerk sued for OPRA violation - $1,000 "knowing and willful" fine sought

In a Superior Court complaint filed Thursday, Hoboken resident Helen Hirsch accused City Clerk James Farina of violating the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) by failing to give her full access to a Financial Disclosure Statement filed by Hoboken Fire Chief John Cassesa.

Hoboken Parking Utility: Dispite Public Outcry, Mayor Roberts Increases Monthly Parking Garage Rates 20%

Despite a $ 4 Million surplus in the Hoboken Parking Authority operating budget, the Roberts Administration faction of the Hoboken City Council voted 6-3 in favor of a 20% increase in monthly parking garage rates.

Interesting enough, Hoboken Parking Director JOHN COREA while defending the need for the increase stated that the revenue was needed to maintain the garage facilities.    When asked about the $4 Million in surplus funds, COREA admitted that the "PROFITS" garnered from parking meters, garage space rentals, parking violation summonses, and booting/towing vehicles are transferred into the Hoboken GENERAL TREASURY. 

At one time, the purpose of the Hoboken Parking Authority was to create parking within the City.  Four years ago, Mayor Roberts dissolved the autonomous Hoboken Parking Authority and created the city controlled Hoboken Parking Utility.  It is now apparent that the sole purpose of the Hoboken Parking Utility is to operate as a public “for profit” business enterprise with the “surplus funds” used to fund Hoboken City government.

The resolution to increase monthly garage parking rates was sponsored by Councilwoman-at-Large Terry LaBruno and approved by Fourth Ward Council Christopher Campos, Fifth Ward Councilman Michael T. Cricco, Sixth Ward Councilman Nino Giacchi, Councilman-at-Large Ruben Ramos Jr., and Councilman-at-Large Peter Cammarano.

First Ward Councilwoman Theresa Castallano, Second Ward Councilman Richard Del Boccio and Third Ward Councilman Michael Russo voted against the increase.

J.D. Power and Associates Reports: Providing High Levels of Customer Satisfaction Has Clear Financial Implications for Auto Insurers

Auto insurance companies that record high levels of customer satisfaction benefit from customer behaviors that have positive financial implications, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2006 National Auto Insurance Study released today.  The study identifies and tracks performance on numerous specific, measurable behaviors on the part of the insurer where there are clear breakpoints in customer satisfaction levels.

Pair accuse Menendez of conflict. Two Republicans cite rent he took from nonprofit in ethics complaint

Two Republican state lawmakers filed an ethics complaint against U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez yesterday, alleging he broke conflict-of-interest rules by collecting more than $300,000 in rent from a nonprofit agency he helped win millions of dollars in federal funding.

2006 ING Unsung Heroes Award Winner

2006 ING Unsung Heroes Award Winners
Congratulations to the 100 winners of the 2006 ING Unsung Heroes awards program. Each of the 100 finalists has won $2,000. Three of them will be selected as Top Winners to receive additional grants of $25,000, $10,000, and $5,000.
Award to Dr. Steven H Wool @ The Hudson School Hoboken NJ.
Steven Wool
The Hudson School
Hoboken, NJ

Dr. Wool created the "Jack and the Genestalk" program based on the need to create awareness about the damage that pollutants have on the environment. This project will focus on the isolation, separation and manipulation of DNA from organisms found in polluted areas of Hoboken, and will involve 100 students in grades seven through twelve at The Hudson School who will learn how pollutants change the genetics of common organisms over a period of several years. This project is unique in that the compilation and continuation of results will be performed by the same student body over a six-year period. Every grade will produce results that will be of value in a multi-level research group. A website will be created to track the experiment's progress and keep the public informed about new findings. Dr. Wool believes that the success of this project could trigger similar efforts worldwide as students, teachers, scholars and others get a bird's-eye-view of the school's science neighborhood. He resides in Hoboken.

September Floods

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THE BARRY BUNCH One of the people Janiszewski taped was politically powerful Gold Coast developer Joe Barry. A once upon a time Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) member, Barry built a real estate empire on subsidized, Sec...

US Department of Justice - Hudson County Convictions

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Occupation Jurisdiction/Business NameElected Official Hudson County Executive Robert C. JaniszewskiElected Official Hudson County Freeholder William C. BrakerAppointed Official Hudson County Deputy Registrar&#...

Quote of the Week: Farber, Golding, Corzine

Source: PoliticsNJ.com

Zulima felt that if her appearance as attorney general was improper, so was his interference with Karen Golding. She was upset there was no special investigation into that. And she was going to take him on.” -- A New York Times source on the negotiations between Gov. Jon Corzine and Attorney General Zulima Farber.