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Hoboken Police Captain Ed Mecka (ret) is a 28 year veteran of the Hoboken, New Jersey Police Department. 

But retirement hasn't stopped Ed from doing what he does best, investigations into political curruption and managing his Hoboken Community Activist website "edmecka.com"

New Jersey's OPRA "Open Public Records Act" and OPMA "Open Public Meetings Act" are the citizens' window into the inner workings of New Jersey government. 

The Open Public Records Act "OPRA" provides guidelines for the dissemination of “public” government records.  Not every government record is “public” and there are restrictions.  But for the most part, OPRA does a good job in providing record access.  Unfortunately, sometimes even the simplest request for a "public" document can be a nightmare for many citizens.  If you know your rights under OPRA and the record is “public”… you should have an easier time getting the requested information.   Learn more about OPRA.

The Open Public Meetings Act “OPMA” sets a standard for government meetings, i.e. City Council meetings, Freeholders meetings, etc.  Learn more about OPMA.

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N.Y. Eminent Domain Fight Appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Property Owners Seek Protection from Extortion

With the results of this week’s elections, 34 states have adopted eminent domain reform in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s wildly unpopular decision in Kelo v. City of New London.

Yesterday, two Port Chester property owners joined with the Institute for Justice (the public-interest law firm that litigated the Kelo case) to ask the Supreme Court to look again at the issue of eminent domain abuse and ensure that lower courts do not read Kelo to completely eliminate judicial review.  The case illustrates the dangerous results of the Kelo decision and asks what should be an easy question: 

"Does the Constitution prevent governments from taking property through eminent domain simply because the property owners refused to pay off a private developer?"

Eminent Domain: Extortion is now legal, so say


In Kelo v. City of New London, this Court held that economic development within an integrated development plan was a “public use” under the meaning of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Kelo therefore completely preclude all claims of private purpose takings within an integrated development plan area, including a claim that eminent domain was used for financial extortion and the purely private financial goals of a single party?

What limits if any do the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution place on demands for cash in exchange for refraining from the use of eminent domain?

Hoboken Politicos Endorse Kean

"Politicians in Hudson County come and go, most go directly to jail, unfortunately some get away. The residents of Hudson County are good, decent and hard working people and truly deserve representatives who are honest, ethical and of strong moral character. Condoning suspected, proven, or associated ties to unethical or illegal activity and political corruption by our elected officials is what gives Hudson County a bad reputation. To change this reputation we need to choose candidates to replace those suspected or accused of wrong doings. As a 13 year veteran Hoboken police officer and president of the Hoboken Policemen's Benevolent Association, I proudly announce my personal endorsement of Tom Kean Jr., as our next U.S. Senator from New Jersey. Tom Kean Jr., is someone with unquestionable morals and ethical character who will in times of public crisis and threats to our home land security deliver strong and steady representation in Washington D.C. This election is not about partisan politics. For if it were, I being a registered democrat from Hudson County would not be supporting Tom Kean Jr. It is about something much more important. It's about the economic future and safety of our State and the Nation and electing someone right for achieving these objectives. And that someone is Tom Kean Jr."

–Vincent Lombardi from Hudson County
Union City, NJ

"I lived in Hudson County all my life. Since High school I've seen nothing but Democrats get hauled off to Jail. I'm a Democrat and have lost faith in ever reforming the local party. I want to remain a Dem, but keeping Bob in power will only keep the crooks around him flourishing. You folks need to work harder. I'm a former councilman who just called to offer help and your aides had no intrest? That attitude and you will lose."

–Tony Soares from Hudson County
Hoboken, NJ

Construction of Hoboken's Permanent Floating Swimming Pool Completed But Destined for NYC

The March 7, 2004 newspaper headline said it all.... 'Our pool has floated to Brooklyn'   'Pols point fingers as free pool possibility passes'

October 17, 2006, pool construction has been completed and the "floating pool" embarks upon a 10 day voyage from Louisiana to its new home in NYC.

October 27, 2006, the barge is scheduled to arrive in New York Harbor for a "welcome party."

2006 Senate Race: Gentlemen, Place your bets

Gentlemen, Place your bets

In an Associated Press article dated October 11, 2006, US Senate Republican candidate Tom Kean Jr. is quoted as saying "There is a subpoena that has his name [ Senator Bob Menendez] on it that was issued by an impaneled grand jury and delivered by the FBI," Kean said during an interview with the AP. "That's a fact."

In response, Menendez said "There are no such subpoenas to my knowledge whatsoever."

Stark contradiction or a play on words?

Kean says "That's a fact" while Menendez qualifies his denial with a legal escape clause "to my knowledge."

Gentlemen, Place your Bets........

10/13/2006 Asbury Park Press
The APP reported that Menendez has been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury to provide details of a lease agreement he signed with a nonprofit group that he helped get federal aid.

Read the Story at:  Embattled Bryant at rally for Menendez, Observer calls it  "a huge miscalculation"

Southwest Redevelopment Meeting

PUBLIC MEETING                
Community Planning Consultant
in association with THE CITY OF HOBOKEN
Invite all to a Public meeting
to discuss the future of the Southwest Redevelopment
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Codey to replace Menendez in US Senate Race????

Word leaking out of Trenton by a past reliable source is that there is a strong push for Codey to replace Menendez in the US Senate race by the weekend. 

Eminent Domain: Property Rights Act of 2006

Just in the nick of time, and two weeks before the United States Senate will adjourn, Senator James Inhofe (Republican, Oklahoma) introduced the "Property Rights Protection Act of 2006" (S3878). The bill is the same as H.R. 4128 which was passed by the House of Representatives in 2005 (325 affirmative votes to 38). H.R. 4128 has been dormant in the Senate Judiciary Committee, despite the efforts of many property reform groups to see some action.

The new bill, S3878, will go directly to the floor of the Senate, requiring Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist to put eminent domain reform on the agenda. Other Republicans,  including Arlen Specter, Bill Frist and President George Bush are missing in action on this issue. Eminent Domain reform is an important issue nationwide and will not go away.