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Russ Limbaugh Said He Wanted Obama to Fail

America is now facing its biggest economic challenges since the great depression Last year, 2

The Obama Cabinet - What Obama's Choices Say About Him

The Obama transition team, watching the financial crisis continue to deepen, realized they had to send quickly a message of assurance to try to bring stability to the markets Consequently a popular pick was chosen for the Secretary of Treasury: Tim Geithner, who has Wall Street's vote of confidence

There is Evidence That Bush Had Been Warned About 9/11 But Did Nothing About It

In October of 2000, al-Qaeda managed to blow a 40 ft by 40 ft hole in the side of USS Cole while it was at port in Yemen The terrorists were seeking a military confrontation with the United States, but the Cole bombing did not bring that result

Al-Qaeda Threat Tape to Obama and the War in Afghanistan

Days before elections Joe Biden, the Vice-President-elect, told campaign donors:

Should Congress Bail Out the Big Three?

Not even First Class is good enough for the CEOs of the biggest three automakers, Rick Wagoner of General Motors Corp, Alan Mulally of Ford Motor Co

Would Hilary Be at Her Best as Secretary of State?

If Hillary Rodham Clinton serves as a secretary of state, Clinton vetting would also include a closer look at Bill Clinton Obama's transition team has been carefully reviewing Bill Clinton