Deja vu for the Democratic Party

I had an excellent workout at the Hoboken New York Sports Club last night, both physical and mental.

Topic of discussion on the gym floor, "Governor Corzine's enactment of a 7% sales tax on health club memberships."  At the NYSC, this represents an additional $84.00/year in membership fees.

Add to the mix the Governor saying that he was "open to the idea of a municipal sales tax" and the tempers were really flying.... 

Healthy Lifestyle Penalty Tax
(Health Club membership):  7% Sales Tax

Unhealthy Lifestyle Penalty Tax
(cigarette smokers): Tax $2.58/pack

In 1991, a voter backlash in response to then-Gov. James Florio's tax increase led to Democrats losing nearly half of the seats it held in the Assembly and being swept from power in the legislature and governor's office.

Déjà vu for the Democratic Party?