Mayor Tom Vezzetti

Hoboken Mayor Tom Vezzetti

Thomas Vezzetti was the 33rd mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey, and served as mayor from 1985 to 1988.

In the 1985 Hoboken mayoral election, Thomas Vezzetti narrowly defeated Steve Cappiello, who had been the mayor of Hoboken since 1973. Vezzetti got 6,990 votes and Cappiello got 6,647 votes in the 1985 election, which put Vezzetti in the mayor's office.  Vezzetti's slim 353 vote margin was enough to put him in the Mayor"s office.

Thomas Vezzetti, Colorful Mayor of Hoboken, N.J., Dies

Mayor Thomas Vezzetti, the bootlegger's son who took to the streets with a bullhorn to win elections and fight the gentrification of this Hudson River city, died early Wednesday. He was 59.

Vezzetti, a lifelong bachelor, was said to have been angered by the outcome of a special election Tuesday in the 5th Ward. A councilman who frequently criticized Vezzetti's policies won a special election over a candidate Vezzetti had supported.