Where Do the Candidates Stand on the Iraq War?

During the 2004 presidential campaign, the Iraq War was the hot-button issue separating John Kerry supporters and George W Bush supporters

Election Coverage is Must-See TV

Whether Barack Obama becomes the next president of the United States, he and his Republican counterpart, John McCain, have turned the 2008 showdown into must-see television The suspense leading up to the selection of Joe Biden as Obama

Paulson's Plan - Is it Right For America?

There has been much discussion about Henry Paulson

Governor Sarah Palin And The Feminists: What's Up?

This year's Presidential and Vice-Presidential election spotlights the important contributions made by women in our society - be they single or married, mothers or not, young or old, rich or poor, from big cities or small towns, in high-powered careers or down-to-earth jobs The women in this election season are as exciting and controversial as any male candidates have ever been

New Political Will Looks Toward Reunification Between South and North Cyprus

The property market in North Cyprus is undergoing serious changes at the moment, with the currently low property prices rising

Climate Change and Politcs: Global Warming Continues Due to Too Much Hot Air?

All the way back in January 2004 Sir David A King, the Government

Barack Obama and the Perception of US in the World

Let me offer you a non-american perspective on this year's US election race between Barack Obama and John McCain In this short article I want to explain to you - especially you, dear readers and friends from the US - why many Europeans such as me (and many other non-americans too) feel that Barack Obama would be a much better option for the US president than John McCain

Do We Still Need Affirmative Action?

With the success of Barack Obama

Sarah Palin Borderline Baby Boomer

According to some time charts Sarah Palin is at the tail end of being a baby boomer She doesn

Laying the Foundations For Cyprus - The Mythical Origins of the Island

In recent months, the island of Cyprus has seen a renaissance Tourism is booming, and in the TRNC the North Cyprus Property Boom has been marked as the peak of prosperity for the partitioned island;it has been named as one of the world's chief property hot spots

What is Unity?

Today, in America, the call to unity has become louder and more vocal, emblazoned upon the banner of current presidential political campaigns, and awakening within the heart a feeling of hope and of striving Unity moves with the new vibration of spiritual light that is arriving

September Peace Talks Begin in Earnest

The divided island of Cyprus, split between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and the Greek protected Republic of Cyprus, for 34 years, now sees a new round of peace talks, which began this morning (03/09/08) It is the fourth meeting between the leaders of the partitioned island since Demetris Christofias, head of the Greek Cypriot state, took office early this year

The 100 Months Problem: Climate Change, Global Warming and CO2 Emissions

Conceived and promoted by a team of journalists and experts including Peter Myers, Dr Victoria Johnson and Andrew Simms, the 100 months problem is the idea that in roughly 8 years, our current lifestyles will have taken the earth beyond a revocable point when it comes to global warming and climate change

CO2 Emissions and Pollution - Breaking the Habit

In all the debates on the effects and implications of global warming, climate change and CO2 emissions, one thing can certainly be agreed; things are changing There may or may not be reason to discredit the idea that climate change is a man-made phenomena, and there may or may not - though this writer would definitely argue that such claims are false - be reason to doubt the detrimental effect of such concepts

Hot Air

As we wait patiently for Congress to come up with an energy plan, the current sources of energy dwindle away and the prices go up Maybe we should consult with the Pope and other religious leaders

A Tale of Two Countries

Charles Dickens once wrote in his classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities that,

Global Warming, Climate Change and the Environment

Over the last year, two key concepts have reigned over all others: the economy and the environment Like opposing forces they push and pull at one another, with economic downturns running counter to calls for increased spending on the environment, including renewable energy development and sustainability initiatives

Population Growth and the Envrionment - What's at Stake

World population growth is accelerating True, the rate has halved since the historical peak of 2

Mayor Cracks Down on Climate Change.

Our ever lovable Lord Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has warned that climate change could threaten our cosy way of life and our capitals status as a leading world city thus he wishes to implement a strategy to cope with it, including measures such as urban greening, flood risk management and cooler buildings

Cyprus' Political Climate Change

Anybody contemplating purchasing a second, or replacement home abroad at the moment should be watching the current political manoeuvrings and goings on in Cyprus Cyprus has been divided into a Turkish Cypriot North, which accounts for one third of the island, and a Greek Cypriot south since 1974, when the installed Greek nationalist leader Nikos Sampson became de facto president of the island

Politicians Put the Car Into CO2

Car manufacturers are not yet meeting European Union targets on fuel efficiency and lower carbon dioxide emission on the majority of their new models, according to environmental campaigners A pan-European lobby group, Transport and Environment (T and E), has called the industry out for fighting against current EU legislation and, even more worryingly, proposed future limits

Olympic Aftermath - Beijing, China, And the Environment

With the post-Olympic headlines understandably focused on the sporting achievements of the likes of Usain Bolt and his domination of the sprint events, or team GB's new record gold medal tally, it is perhaps expected that that which dominated media coverage before the event - the environmental policy of Beijing - has fallen temporarily to the sidelines

World Environmental Policy and the Performance of Mega Cities

After the detailed media coverage that surrounded the Beijing Olympics highlighted the dubious effect that a highly populated nation can have on the world's environment, some of the earth's major cities are expected to come under the microscope with regards to their CO2 emissions policies As population hubs, they represent more extreme examples of the human effect on the earth's environment

Redemption for the Women's Movement?

For the past few decades the once proud women

Negative Campaigning - What Does America Want?

In this presidential election year of 2008, the stakes regarding victory or defeat for each candidate are high; the competition for votes is fierce; and the strategies are abundant on both sides with which to win over the undecided We, the public, see things happening as part of political life and of campaigning that we do not approve of, that we feel we can do without

Football and Politics One Side and the Same As Cyprus Revives Reunification Attempts

Football is one of those things that is far more important that the immediate sum of its parts

Cyprus President Warns of 'Chasing Illusions'

A row broke out in Cyprus this week between church and state President Christiofias, who has led the Greek Cypriots since February of this year, was publicly criticised by the Bishop of Paphos Georgios, who was speaking on behalf of Archbishop Chrystostomos, over his progressive attitude to the Cyprus Problem and his well known desire for reunification between the two sides

The Turkish Republic of Cyprus and the International Community

Since the dominance of the Ottoman Empire during the middle of the last millennium, Turkey - in various forms - has been a prominent force in both European and middle eastern politics It has continually exerted a sphere of influence over the two continents, and never committed to both; in that respect it can be compared to Russia, who have historically felt that their dominance can be justified on its western borders in Europe, and in Asia on its eastern border

A Brief History of the Turkish and Greek Partition of Cyprus

It was announced this week that genuinely committed talks on the reunification of Cyprus would come into effect in September of this year Demetris Christofias, the Greek Cypriot president, met with the Turkish Cypriot president Mehmet Ali Talat on the 28th of August, and both are reportedly keen to discuss a potential reunion of the island

The Reunification of Cyprus and the E.U

The Greek Cypriot President Dimitris Chrisofias took office on 28th February 2008, and there have already been three major meetings between him and his counterpart, the Turkish Cypriot president Mehmet Ali Talat A fourth is scheduled for the 3rd of September, making the presidents already two of the closely partnered Cypriot heads of state since the partition

London and the Environment - Ken Livingstone's Legacy and the Work of Boris Johnson

Since the role of Mayor of London was created at the turn of the millennium, Ken Livingston has been synonymous the position; he won the first two elections, in 2000 as an independent candidate, and then as a representative of New Labour in 2004 Of the last decade, then, it has been through his policy that Greater London has experienced its relationship with the environment

Reluctance: Food For Thought (It's All Connected)

The foundation of world religions was formed when a few men dug under a tree and pulled out some of the most beautiful mushrooms The men consumed the mushrooms, and they subsequently created every god known to man

Wake Up, America!

Let's get real Forget all the Gobbledegook about foreign oil fields peaking and the rapid increase in worldwide consumption

Tamper-Evident Seals Making Voting Booths as Secure as the Grocery Store

The online news coverer Slashdotcom recently addressed the issue of

Peace in an Unsettled World

I listened to a story on National Public Radio on the 7th June 2008 It was a moving story told by a woman whose mother had dedicated and even risked her life to give medical guidance and service to pregnant women in Iran sometime during the sixties and seventies

Our Matrix: Choose Your Pill Wisely

Propaganda (noun): publicity intended to persuade or convince people It is imperative that you see in propaganda the probabilities and possibilities

Super Tuesday

I saw a news clip recently where the reporter stopped people on the street and asked them how they were preparing for

None of the Above: Democrats and Republicans Say

Did you know that unaffiliated voters are the fastest-growing voting bloc in America In more than a few states, independents now outnumber both Republicans and Democrats, creating a huge swing vote that could determine the outcome of this year

Soldier/Soldier: The Convoluted Vietnamese Agenda(?)

America, you have no idea what atrocities took place during the Vietnam War One item on the list was the mass assassinations of innocent Vietnamese citizens by Americans

French Parliament Delivers on Sarkozy's Promise

It's never easy following through on an electoral pledge, and if any politician knows how difficult it is, then it must be the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy So far he has failed miserably on last year's major presidential campaign promise to increase the purchasing power of the average man and woman on the street here in France and kick-start the sluggish economy he inherited

Only Two Candidates For President

Illegal Immigration

President John F. Kennedy: Breaking Through the Shroud of an Untimely Demise

I quote, with redundancy, from the biography of John F Kennedy to summarize the legacy of this American martyr

A Letter to the Legacy of a Legend: President John F. Kennedy

Mr President, I love people with everything I am worth

The Mythical Belief - Government Ought to Do Something

People act as if the government possesses magical powers that can solve all of our individual and social ills All this mythical entity has to do is wave its wand and all our problems vanish in a blink of an eye

Super Tuesday

I saw a news clip recently where the reporter stopped people on the street and asked them how they were preparing for

The Truth About Government "Solutions"

It is obvious that America has become a nation of individuals who want immediate satisfaction and short-term "solutions" A perfect example is our current financial crisis-a crisis caused by the easy money policy of The Federal Reserve System

White Writer Predicts Obama Victory

In 1967, America was filled with the same hope of change that it is now feeling in 2008 Forty-one years ago, Cleveland was on the verge of electing the first African American mayor of a major U

Who Should Have Barack's Back?

Now that the dust has settled on Barack Obama's historic nomination as the Democratic candidate for the presidency, an equally important challenge presents itself Who should Obama choose as his running mate for the November election

What did you expect, Forrest?

What did you expect, Forrest?

July 10, 2008 NJVoices: Thurman Hart

"Stupid is as stupid does, that's what my mama always said."

I just don't know of anything that characterizes John Corea's "relationship" with the City of Hoboken better than that. At this point, he is a "figure in the investigation" of more than a half million dollars that just can't be found. Because, you know, that kind of money is usually left laying about in discarded Shop-Rite bags.

All other things being what they are, the best predictor of future behavior is past performance. And Corea's past performance has been less than stellar. It seems that when Corea worked at the NY Stock Exchange, he developed a habit of buying stocks with other people's money and then leaving them holding the bag - and the bill - when the stocks went sour.

Gaza Strip

A great number of men, women and children in the Gaza Strip live in one of the most chaotic environments on Earth The escalating violence between warring political factions such as the Palestinians and Israelis has caused many to doubt the prospect of a peaceful state

Bi-Party Tickets Totally Senseless

I receive a daily news feed from Salon, and for the past two days I have received articles about Obama-Hagel and McCain-Lieberman unity tickets I have just three words for those who believe such events will happen: it ain't happening

Panama: The Government

The government of Panama follows the patterns of presidential representative with three branches: the executive, legislative, and judiciary The executive is elected by popular election vote exercise the senior


The Lawrence Massacre took place on August 21, 1863 during the American Civil War It was perpetrated by William Clarke Quantrill and his guerilla raiders

Oil Drilling and the Election

So you think the politicians are pushing the Offshore Drilling idea because it is something that will make the price of gas go down I guess you also believed that in the 2004 election, that this Administration was going to do something about Gay Marriage

Sarkozy Muscles in on EU Reform

It's just under a fortnight until France takes over the six-month rotating presidency of the European Union and already the rest of Europe is getting a taste of what it can expect At a meeting of EU leaders in Brussels on Thursday, Sarkozy said the Union would not be able to go ahead with any further expansion without ratification of the Lisbon treaty

Panama: The Politics

Politics in Panama has been more of constitutional democracy throughout the 20th century The history of coup led by General Manuel Noriega back in 1968 has brought power to the military as Noriega had manipulated most of the highest officials of the government

Panama and Its Foreign Relations For Economic Development and Sustainability

Panama and its foreign relations concern itself with two major issues for Panama

Cinco de Mayo, Mon Dieu!

Having been brought up in a school system and time period that emphasized math and science it should come as no surprise to anyone that I know very little about American history And when I say American history, I mean American, not just the United States

Dati Does U-Turn on Virginity Annulment Marriage

The French justice minister, Rachida Dati, has once again shown that she has a less than a firm grasp of her job by doing a complete volte face in a case that has been making the headlines here in France over the past week On Monday Dati asked the public prosecutors office to appeal a court ruling, which had annulled a marriage because the wife had lied about being a virgin

Cult Leader Calls Obama A Monkey

Just when many Americans believed that Barack Obama

Federal Emergency Management Agency Fails

In the wake of a tragedy we are often left in a state of complete and utter shock Especially in events where our homes are destroyed and our loves one separated from us, our minds are the furthest thing from rational or clear

Myth vs. Fact Helping Homeowners

The looming mortgage crisis has affected almost everyone in all facets of life When the homes stop selling the builders stop building, the carpenters stop nailing, the painters stop painting, paint stores stop selling and Home Depot stock hits record lows

Run Barack Run!

Do you remember Jesse Jackson

The Race Card

When it finally seemed as if Barack Obama had regained momentum, after losing primaries in Ohio and Texas, critics played a card that is still polarizing today, and ultimately threatening his goal of bringing all Americans together in a turbulent era In the 2008 election campaign, Obama has distanced himself from his rivals, not by solely focusing on the hot-button issues that have divided Americans in the past, such as 4,000 lives lost in the Iraq War or the imminent economic recession

Can Obama Really Win?

Many thought the day would never come A day that all Americans could prove to their children that they could become whatever they want in life no matter what their background is

Should Obama Start Drama?

Throughout the Democratic primaries, Senator Barack Obama has dedicated his entire campaign to change Change from the usual divisive politics and mudslinging that have characterized many presidential elections by putting more emphasis on the issues that are important to voters such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the economy

To Give Respect When It's Due: Charles Rangel

No one currently in the United States Congress has the guts and might to say what is truly on his mind except Harlem's own Charles B Rangel

Jon Corzine

Here in New Jersey, the Garden State, we have a governor who has just proposed to make $500 million in permanent spending cuts, refinance state debt, reduce municipal aid, eliminate two cabinet departments, and introduce tougher standards in math and science education These are proposals that you might expect from a Republican, but Jon Corzine is a fiscally conservative, moderate to liberal social issues Democrat

Have We Achieved Our Objectives In Iraq?

Exactly where are we in this conflict It's difficult to cut through to the truth with so much hot air coming from all sides

US Military Resigns - Choosing Court; Bring On The Draft

What would happen if many in the US Military simply resigned Benefit to them: If US military volunteers would just resign, their risk of war zone deployment or any further service would be over

The Need For A New Ethic In America Presidential Campaigns

America's love for a display of might and power, of triumph over the adversary, and of a 'winning strategy', is not only evident in her foreign policy and conduct of war, but also in her presidential campaigns Here, aggression, while disapproved of by many at one level, is also admired by others, and seems almost to be a necessity of political life

An Astronaut For Second Chair On The Democratic Ticket

While I went out on a long limb to suggest that Rudy Giuliani may be the best running mate for Republican presidential candidate John McCain, I am at a loss to guess who would run with whom on the Democratic ticket The highly competitive race between Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator Barack Obama has had more than its share of drama

The Last King Of Spain?

A young King Juan Carlos helped steer Spain from a dictatorship to a modern democracy after he came to the throne some 32 years ago, and his achievements include defending the fledgling democracy in 1981 from an attempted coup Once popular and regarded as a man of the people, recent times have been more troubling for the king as political groups on both the left and right have called for an end to the Spanish monarchy

The Audacity Of Reality

Every day, I am am bombarded by the ever-present drivel that we call "news" in this country By the time my head hits a wrinkled, unintentionally drool-stained pillow, my mind is awash in opinion, conjecture, and a range of commentary that is inexcusably vast

Disillusionment And Hope

The complexity of the human heart allows us to hope for something and to expect that we will be disappointed in it at the same time, to maintain ideals, and believe that they will never be realized at the same time Holding these dual views defines the nature of disillusionment

A McCain-Giuliani Ticket? It's Not So Far Fetched

I am not on the inside of any presidential campaign, but I consider myself to be a good student of politics And as a writer, I have the luxury of going against the grain on campaigns and issues

Barack Obama Can

Even though Barack Obama has only served in national office for three years, his ability to, as State Sen Donne Trotter, a Democrat, says, be "a quick read, a quick study" compensates for the lack of experience

What Next For Rudy Giuliani?

On March 13, 2008 Rudy Giuliani pitched in for McCain who had to go vote in the senate Rudy headlined a $1000 a plate luncheon for McCain saying that he believed that the Republicans could win Pennsylvania

Can Women Govern?

The answer to that question can be found in the historical record From September 23, 1953 to July 7, 1954,S



Barack Obama & The Voice Of The Silent Majority

Why am I writing an article about Barack Obama I am known for being a multidimensional communication specialist, with a focus on healing with spirit, divine wisdom and love

On Moral And Charismatic Politicians

The media has passed enough judgment on former New York governor Elliott Spitzer and I agree with the pundits on all sides; there's no possible defense for his extracurricular behavior and he is not above the law But these past events show that we must consider the behavior that we expect from our elected officials in their public, and sometimes private, lives

Breached Security

Once again our leaders in the Bush administration have shown how little we are protected If they can

An Angry Democrat Speaks Out

If my party does not come to a fair decision which is inclusive to Florida and Michigan

Political Unrest In Thailand

The situation in Thailand reminds me the old saying

Open Letter To Senator Clinton & Senator Obama

Are both of you crazy If you both keep up the gender and race issues, you just might as well hold the door open for President McCain as he moves into the White House

The Politics Of Change And Sandwiched Boomers

The soaring rhetoric from presidential candidates has been about the concept of change - and the electorate is energized by the buzzword But is the idea of change really so new

Oh What A Tangled Web They Weave, When Politicians Practice to Deceive.

Hoboken Mayor David Roberts promises a "fair and impartial" investigation. But the Mayor, Hoboken's Chief Executive, was also present at Kenner. Is he investigating himself?

The Jersey Journal quoted Hoboken Mayor David Roberts as saying "that he would be "extraordinarily careful" in picking a replacement" for outgoing Police Chief Carmen LaBruno and that problems for LaBruno began after the now disbanded SWAT team's post-Hurricane Katrina trip to Kenner, La., in September 2005 and a subsequent visit to New Orleans for Mardi Gras the following year. 

Roberts is also quoted as saying that “he knew that there'd be criticism that there was "going to be a whitewash" and moved to ensure that the city was fair and impartial.“

Wait a second, weren’t there “other” City Officials on the “humanitarian” trips to Kenner, La?   How about Mayor David Roberts and Councilman Michael Russo?

In the quest for a scapegoat, it appears that one important mitigating circumstance may have been overlooked, the CHAIN OF COMMAND and a LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY TO ACT.

Political Flip-Flops

In December 2008, Mike Huckabee's campaign had to do something to get ahead of Mitt Romney The campaign aids urged a negative attack ad campaign to which Mike Huckabee reluctantly agreed

Vote For My Parent! Why The Candidates' Kids Mattered In Election 2008

This election, First Kid wannabes have been in the public eye like never before Josh Romney drove through all 99 counties of Iowa in an RV to stump for his Dad, Mitt Romney

Hillary vs. Obama Only Time Will Tell!

The main dominant figures in today's elections that will define the following president in America history are Hillary Clinton from New-York and Barack Obama from Illinois According to the latest results of votes Clinton won in 3 states: New-Hampshire, Nevada and Michigan , but Obama in Iowa and in the South Carolina

Former President Bill Clinton Speaks Out About UFOs (Or Does He?)

During one of many radio interviews that former President Bill Clinton has done recently to help his wife‘s presidential campaign, he was asked about the UFO subject The question came from Big D and Bubba, Morning Show Jocks on the Premier Radio Network