One of the people Janiszewski taped was politically powerful Gold Coast developer Joe Barry.

A once upon a time Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) member, Barry built a real estate empire on subsidized, Section 8 housing in Hoboken; thereby becoming Hoboken's largest landlord and housing provider to an army of dependent voters.

Barry also bought a chain of local newspapers and turned them into a cookie cutter series of real estate touts, stressing high rent realtor listings rather than than those of small landlords.

Eventually Barry built luxury developments up and down an increasingly valuable coast, using the kinds of tax breaks and HUD loans meant to revitalize blighted urban areas. Robert Janiszewski had a condo in one such development.

Over the years, Barry and his family were political donors to both parties. Including campaign contributions to then Jersey City mayor, Republican Bret Schundler. But the lion's share went to Democrats.

Last March alone, Barry donated $7000 dollars to Congressman Robert Menendez, D-N.J. Last June, a Barry company bestowed $26,666 on the National Democratic Party.

Barry recently received a Section 108 loan for 6.7 million dollars. ISTEA has also flowed his way.

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