To David Anthony

Dear Editor:

Evolution vs. Revolution!

An evolutionary process takes eons. In contrast, revolution gets results.

Hoboken's students cannot afford to wait any longer for evolution to plod along; it is time for change in the immediate!

You, sir, have been sitting on the Board of Education for 11 years. Perhaps you would dazzle us Hobokenites with your results and accomplishments during that time. In your letter to the editor you stated, "Over the past 11 years as a Board member I have listened to you and learned." Let us in on those lessons learned and what action(s) you have taken as a result. You also said, "I have fought and won many battles on behalf of the children." That is rhetoric! Enlighten us with a list of those battles and your victories. You might want to touch on what you did about the Abbott funding loss (and Mayor Roberts might want to make a statement about that as well.)

Hoboken's school children have a pitiful record of low State test scores, low SAT scores and an appallingly low percentage of seniors going onto higher education.

There is a deadly lack of preparation for the "real world" for seniors who are not furthering their educations. They are the ones who get minimum wage jobs, with no futures and no benefits, because they are unable to properly fill out a job application, or create a credible resume. Shameful! No training exists for these soon to be young adults. Parents need to advocate more for these at risk kids!

I heard that at a special meeting Mr. Curko will relinquish his Board Secretary position. I seriously question, given that you already have a full time gig, how will you manage with your additional responsibilities? You were on the Board last year when they approved over $700,000 in overtime pay for our custodians. The overblown $50 million budget cannot abide such situations. You must answer for that and the fact that Hoboken has the highest administration costs per pupil in Hudson County.

With all the overspending, it blows me away that the Board prioritizes fat cats, while the students languish.

Louise Friedman

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