The Thriving Indian Democracy

India has a thriving democracy. The Indian democracy is said to be very vibrant. With the number of religions, languages, customs, cultures in India it is indeed a wonder that India is not only surviving as a country but also thriving. During last one week the members of Indian parliament are crossing over from one party to another at a speed that would surprise the fastest cat. Is this a negative factor or a positive factor?

Most of the commentators are calling this immoral politics. The MPs are changing their affiliation overnight. Yes, it does look immoral. But does this hurt democracy or help it? The first reason of having democracy is to have freedom of choice. Every person in the country must have a choice in everything he/she does. This avoids rule of a single person or a single party. India does not have a two party system. There ate many parties in India trying to represent regional and religious aspirations. Today these parties have a choice and the strength to show that they matter. Many parties with single MPs were forgotten all these years. Suddenly they are being listened to. Their demands are being given attention. Is that bad? I think that it is the best thing that could have happened with these parties. They had no voice and suddenly they find that they are being courted and their demands are getting attention.

When we look at the actions of MPs and call them immoral or moral we tend to forget that people selected these MPs. It is for people to decide whom to elect. If people chose some one the intellectuals sitting in comfortable homes have no business preaching the MPs what to do. The people will do that. Democracy should be for all and should give importance to all. In a house of parliament that has more than 500 members, a single party with majority can always crush the desires of smaller parties. Now these smaller parties are getting a chance to get a foothold. Why call that immoral? This is the nature of vibrancy of Indian democracy. We should let it thrive.

What should be the priorities of the Government?

Inflation has been rising everyday since a long time. Those with limited income find it very difficult to meet the ends because of the rising prices. The finance minister says that he is worried about the rising prices. This sounds funny. He is not supposed to be only worried but do something to control it. That is his job, which he is not doing efficiently. The lower classes are in a very bad situation and the middle class Indians are finding that the prosperity is no match to the rising prices. Corruption in India has been a problem since over 50 years. And the problem has only increased. The government must take steps to combat the same. Interiors of the country are facing a drought like situation due to less or no rainfall, while some parts of the country are flood hit. The government must take steps so that adequate help reaches the citizen of the country. Efforts must be made to raise the living standards of the rural people. That way India can become a developed nation.

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