The Root Of Saving America

America is in dire need of repair. We are confronting the greatest fear we desperately attempt to avoid. We are involved in two wars and are drowning from an economic debt. Our enemies feel that this is a form of karma and are more determined than ever to strip America from the power it holds on the rest of the world. We need a change. What can we do and who do we turn to?

The American people have lost faith in their government. This is a key element that factors in the fall of an empire. The Roman Empire held the most authority and control of their era. They collapsed because the people no longer trusted their government. People who lived in a society where they refused to contribute or cooperate with their government. Others migrated to form their own society because they wanted to be part of an efficient and non corrupt system that the Roman Empire could not provide. The empire slowly fell into a pit too deep for them to reestablish their position and role in the world.

We need change and we need it now. The people

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