Ramos needs to explain this

Ramos needs to explain this

November 15, 2006

Letters to the Editor - Jersey Journal

Each week I think the Roberts administration can't get any worse at mismanagement and misrepresentation, and each week the news reports prove me wrong. I'll leave others to make sense of the 916 Garden St. parking garage debacle. Today I'm writing about "Hospital Authority asks for $52 million."

Now don't get me wrong, I support having a hospital in Hoboken - as it was promised by Mayor Roberts - at no risk and no cost to the Hoboken taxpayer. It's just been obvious to most of us for months that that is never going to happen.

Reading the Journal Online story this week, a casual reader might think that Councilman Ruben Ramos Jr. has finally come to the same conclusion. He is reported as saying that it is troubling that the council was expected to vote to guarantee $52 million in bonds with only five minutes notice and no one from the board present at the meeting.

"We want them to be accountable to us," Ramos said. And bravo for Mr. Ramos.

But how does he square his newfound sense of fiscal responsibility - after seven years on the council - with the fact THAT IT WAS MR. RAMOS who was the sponsor of the ordinance he objected to?

Sadly, he doesn't seem to think he has to explain himself to anyone. One more unsupported claim and hope the public turns to the next issue.

Remember the parks, parking, and balanced budget that got Mr. Ramos re-elected in 2005? Gone in a puff of smoke. Just like the promises about St. Mary Hospital.


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