President John F. Kennedy: Breaking Through the Shroud of an Untimely Demise

I quote, with redundancy, from the biography of John F. Kennedy to summarize the legacy of this American martyr. Unfortunately, many citizens of the United States know little about that legacy. Here was a man who chose to fight political corruption in a manner never attempted by any president other than Abraham Lincoln. Kennedy genuinely put America and all Americans first, and under his leadership, the powerful and corrupt were put in second place. His fearless actions eventually led to an untimely death. He died a martyr, and he continues to die every November 22nd of every year, for me and for many others.

This will continue until corruption is ripped from our United States government. It will continue until all politicians enter rehab to kick their nasty addiction to the most dangerous drug of all: absolute power. It will continue until powerful unknowns stop waiting for everyone directly involved to simply pass away, leaving no one to prosecute. It will continue until these people stop putting decades of distance between that tragic day, and allow us Americans in on intelligence that could possibly bring an end to the mystery shrouding Kennedy's death. The Kennedy assassination was bigger than the whole of America

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