Outside the Monetary Box

Our monetary woes are not going to go away by themselves. One thing is certain, they will go away. The question is only how and when. The number one cause of all the worlds troubles is us. You and me. It has to do with the monetary system. Not our monetary system, the monetary system. This idea is as easy to accept as it is to prove. Lets say I want to play Doug's game. So I make up the rules for Doug's game and try to attract people to play. What makes Doug's game a hit? A success? Players. I need players. Every game that is being played today requires consent and participation from the players. Without it, there is no game. It can't go anywhere.

It's easy to think that the monetary troubles on earth are extremely complicated and that my simple comparison doesn't really hold true. It does. There is nothing complicated in getting out of the mess we're in. It's very, very simple. It's not that the monetary system needs fixed. It needs to end. The idea that we need money or exchange systems to live is silly. The creators of the game can't afford for this thinking to surface. Surface is the right term. The idea is there, it just needs to come to our full awareness. The rule makers will kill anyone who attempts to bring this idea to it's full state of conscious awareness. I don't say this without a complete understanding of the rule makers. You can see the proof anywhere that someone is putting together a different game. Anywhere the threat, to the monetary game, becomes viable, people die. Anywhere the rules of the game are not being followed people are being killed. The other places that people are being killed is in those places where people want to stop playing the game. Also people will die so the game can be played where they were previously "in the way". If a place isn't serving the games purpose it gets killed. So it's not the rules that need modified. It's not that the system needs improvements. The system needs to end. The game must stop. There is only one way this will happen. The players must stop playing.

How do we stop playing? Have you all read the hundredth monkey story? If not search it and read it. Make sure you get the entire story. There is more than just the monkeys. It is an illustration in the relationship we have to each other at the conscious level. You will read that when a certain amount of people know something, all of a sudden everybody will know it. Knowing the way this works what do we need to do to change the world? When a certain amount of people "wake up" the rest will be awake. We could make this our game. I'll give an example of how this game works on the negative side. Actually as soon as I do you'll see so many examples it will astound you. "The difficulties in feeding the worlds populace." That's the negative idea. This idea has been fed into our brains over and over. As it is accepted it gets harder and harder to end starvation. The farmers disappear. Real food is being replaced by engineered product. Land is being destroyed so no food will grow on it. The list goes on and on. Why? Because people have accepted the idea. Do the rule makers understand the concept of the accepted idea? They may be stupid, but they're not stupid. In other words they have a very keen understanding of what makes us tick. They take this understanding and do stupid things with it. So here is the question - do you think that it's hard to feed the world? If you do, then you are working to make starvation a reality. You are fully immersed in a game of unconsciousness.

With that in mind here's the next experiment. "Do we think we need a monetary system?" If we accept that we do, then we are destined to have one. The preceding sentence reveals everything you'll ever need to know about destiny. We will have everything we have now as long as we think that it's hard to - not have it. That, in a nutshell, is the game we're playing. It's a hideous game we all play on the people of the world, ourselves included. It's the "it's hard game". One other destructive game we've been swept up in is the "someone will save us game". Here is a fact: we will save ourselves or we will be extinct. We can never save ourselves by playing the game that leads to our destruction. So how do we put an end to it? How do we put an end to world suffering? We see the possibility of something different. There is something I have written about a lot on my site. This is the concept of being convinced. It is this: nothing happens for us until we are convinced that it needs to happen. Nothing changes for us until we are convinced of the need for change. We can only change things if we know what those things are. We can only change them by addressing cause. We have to find cause. Then we can be successful and deal realistically with what we want to change. Then we can change our lives. Likewise we can change the world if we first recognize what needs to be changed. Once we're convinced of this we must be convinced that it's possible. In order to become convinced that it's possible we must understand cause. If we don't understand and deal with things at the causal level we as a race, here on earth, will be extinct. The cause of the worlds trouble is this: we see it as a fact of life. A natural product of life. This idea is being generated. It's part of the game. As hard as it seems to swallow we are killing ourselves with ideas that will only kill us once we voluntarily accept them. We must agree to our own demise. Is that not the height of craziness? All these ridiculous ideas need to be discarded. If they aren't, they will destroy us. We will destroy ourselves with them. We must be convinced, now, that our acceptance of ideas causes destruction. It doesn't matter where the ideas originated. ( but it is something we might all be interested in ) It has now become our idea. It is then, ours to be rid of. Our responsibility. We are responsible for the outcome of humanity. This is possibly a little overwhelming. It doesn't have to be. Our part, as individuals, isn't hard.

In fact like everything else that is real it's pretty simple. We must get the idea that a monetary system is necessary out of our heads. The other idea that we must be convinced of is this: as soon as enough people believe this it will change. As soon as that magic number of individuals sees this clearly it will go very rapidly. It will just sweep through the rest of the consciousness. That's how it works.

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Doug Wilson is an avid student of concepts and has spent the last five years seeking out the structural aspect of unrest in human nature . The results of this study is being cataloged and turned into a life guide system for getting started on a self determined path at DgsWilsonHome

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