Organized Crime - The Mafia - A Study by Artur Victoria

The "MAFIA" is the paradigm of the organized crime. You ally; there is who reduces the concept of this to the phenomena "MAFIA."

Actually, no there is a MAFIA, but before several organizations, with different designations and common manners of criminal planning and acting way usually designated by "mobsters."

The Italian writer Leonardo Sciascia, there are about 30 years, it defined the Mafia as "an association of criminals with ends of the associates" illicit enrichment, that it is put as middleman, imposed by the violence, between the property and the work, between the production and the consumption, between the citizens and the State " while, in another perspective, sociologist Raimondo Catanzaro defined her recently as "she elaborates of the violence."


The "MAFIA" (Italy - American) had origin in Sicily, in the centuries XII or XIII, since the successive occupations that this island of the South of Italy suffered along the times, assumed as organized insurrection. Their cultural roots are rural, just if transferring for the great cities (mainly Palermo) in the first decades of this century, implanting their traditional methods of action quickly: the "protector pays" in other words, the extortion. First in the fairs and markets, to proceed further on into sectors and areas like trade and building societies, demanding percentages progressively higher and, later, ending for constituting their own construction companies, that started to dominate the market.

Though, the decisive factor that it still marks it

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