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Occhipinti says layoffs still loom for city cops, others

Occhipinti says layoffs still loom for city cops, others

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Occhipinti says layoffs still loom for city cops, others

Mayor Zimmer’s last-minute rescinding of layoffs in the police department is little more than a cynical political ploy at election time. Hoboken 4th Ward Councilman Tim Occhipinti called on the mayor to reveal her plans for future layoffs, after Election Day.

“The plan to rescind the layoffs, which the mayor admits she had nothing to do with creating, was accomplished with the sacrifice of veteran police officers and the critical cooperation of the Hoboken Housing Authority (HHA). Both should be commended for their efforts,” said Occhipinti. “Now the mayor should tell Hoboken residents what her layoff plans are for after the November election.”

Occhipinti says the mayor is playing politics with public safety. “First they berated our police force, suggesting the department was bloated and that their layoffs would not affect public safety. Now, after a major public outcry, the mayor has changed her story and is saving the very cops she said we didn’t need. That’s classic political double-speak.”

Occhipinti, who called on the mayor to use 2010 Census figures before making staffing decision, supported the HHA plan (which was actually proposed years ago). He said the mayor should now assure residents that there will be no public safety layoffs after Election Day.

“The mayor and her unelected rubber stamp 4th ward councilman believe that we will turn to other pressing matters and forget about the threat to public safety,” said Occhipinti. “Then, after the November election, they will try to slip in more layoffs, all the while issuing raises to political appointees and squandering public funds on blunders like the ill-fated move of the Municipal Garage.”

Occhipinti says, as councilman, he will force the city to make staff decisions based on city needs, solid research and sound management principles.

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