Negative Campaigning - What Does America Want?

In this presidential election year of 2008, the stakes regarding victory or defeat for each candidate are high; the competition for votes is fierce; and the strategies are abundant on both sides with which to win over the undecided. We, the public, see things happening as part of political life and of campaigning that we do not approve of, that we feel we can do without. But can we? Is negative campaigning something that is being foisted on an unwilling public, or does it correspond to the state of mind and consciousness that we are in?

Democracy is not simple. It is complex. And it is not easy. It is hard. It demands from us all that we have to give, and asks us, at the very least, to become responsible citizens who maintain an involvement with both the principles and policies that govern us.

Democracy asks us to not abandon our individual or collective awareness and voice

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Julie Redstone is a teacher, writer, and founder of Light Omega, a center for spiritual teaching and healing whose purpose it is to create an understanding of the sacred transition into light that the Earth is presently going through. For more about the spiritual roots of democracy in America, see

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