I'm also protesting Hoboken's takeover of St. Mary Hospital

Hoboken Reporter

Dear Editor:

I wish to second the anonymous letter (HR 6/11) protesting the city's takeover of St. Mary Hospital. What are our officials thinking of?  

Bon Secour, which presumably has some experience in this field, is dumping the facility because it is losing three million dollars every month. A local newspaper quoted a New Jersey hospital administrator as saying it was all but impossible to break even on a hospital with mostly uninsured and Medicaid patients, as this one is. The city of Hoboken has never been known for professional management or financial competence. We all know the current budget is out of whack, dependent now on desperate juggling acts with the municipal garage site. The state has warned the city not to take on this burden but instead of listening, Mayor Roberts and State Senator Kenny are cooking up more tricks to make it legal. And whatever the arrangement, Hoboken taxpayers will be ultimately responsible. Can we afford it?

As for the announced plans for improvement, putting money into equipment, as planned, is well and good but can we trust the city to get doctors who can use it wisely? The designated director, Mr. Holzberg, might have a good record but is he a miracle worker? Granted, it's important to have an emergency room that residents can get to quickly. But when Bon Secour's withdrawal was first announced, we read in the paper that another health care company would take over the emergency room if no one else came forward.

What happened to this idea?

S. J. Blain

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