How Quickly They Forget

The Hoboken Reporter

How quickly they forget 

Dear Editor:
Selective memory. That phrase characterizes the actions of a small group of "reformers" who were associated with, or ran with me in the 2001 municipal election. Council members Soares and Marsh and former CFO Michael Lenz have been very vocal on the issue of campaign finance reform, practically implying that the former method was corrupt.

In fact, they are actually treading on new levels of hypocrisy by their actions. The trio selectively forgets the financial benefits they received three and a half years ago by accepting campaign contributions by some of those developers, lawyers and other consultants who they now seek to vilify.

Despite their suggestion, this group knew very well who contributed to the campaign and where the money came from. Soares and Marsh even signed campaign forms listing the donors and the amount of their contributions. Mr. Lenz accepted $1,000 a week from this source to manage the campaign and attended fundraisers and strategy sessions. Upon assuming office, Council members Soares and Marsh voted to hire some of these consultants.

Now we hear a different story. After serving on the council for three and a half years, this trio has had a revelation. They stumbled into the concept of campaign finance reform after it was presented by a citizens group and seized the issue for their own political benefit. What a stroke of luck. They elevated this hypocrisy through their own inability to look the public in their eyes and admit the benefit they received when first elected. Their memory failed them when confronted with this fact and in return, they attacked.

When they were involved in the political process of raising campaign funds, was it a corrupt process? When some contributors were awarded contracts which they voted for, were they engaging in corrupt activities? When the people they recommended were awarded "no bid" contracts were their motives corrupt?

Soares and Marsh claim they were slighted by the exclusion of campaign finance reform in the Hoboken United 2001 platform, however they chose to remain on the ticket. Once elected, they did not address this issue at the City Council.

Campaign finance reform was ultimately approved. I supported it and I voted for it. It is a shame that Soares, Marsh and Lenz have twisted this position, distorted the truth and failed to admit their participation in what they characterize to be "pay to play." Soares, Marsh and Lenz benefited through what they now assume to be "pay to play." They want you to think otherwise. Their campaigns accepted contributions, and reaped the benefits. They are now in denial. They have to protect their tenuous political futures. Fortunately, the public has a long memory and the ability to judge all public officials on election day.

Mayor David Roberts

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