Hoboken SWAT Team: We Were Forced To Go To Hooters. Disgraced Officers Say Embarrassing Photos Are Superior's Fault

Hoboken SWAT Team: We Were Forced To Go To Hooters
Disgraced Officers Say Embarrassing Photos Are Superior's Fault

03/02/2008  Jay Dow  WCBSTV

The racy photos of cops cavorting with Hooters waitresses rocked the Hoboken Police Department. Now, officers face disciplinary charges after a scathing report on their conduct was released.

The photos embarrassed and brought unwanted attention to the Hoboken police.

Officers of the disbanded SWAT team and their chief are seen in the photos having a ball during Mardi Gras, and with Hooters waitresses during the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

Retiring Hoboken patrolman John Camile told CBS 2 HD he's moving on with a bit of a heavy heart.

"You feel that weight that people are taking everything and putting down the police department," retiring Hoboken cop John Camile told CBS 2 HD.

But for several of his colleagues, who now face disciplinary charges after a specially commissioned report recommended the department take action, this ordeal is far from over.

"All are being held to account for their actions," Hoboken Mayor David Roberts said.

That could be bad news for five officers who are suing the department and SWAT leader, Lt. Angelo Andriani.

The officers claim Andriani intimidated them into attending the outings documented in the photos.

Andriani firmly denies the allegations.

But lawyers for both sides are accusing the city of conducting a flawed internal investigation.

"They have taken this action to shield Hoboken from any civil liability," attorney Louis Zayas said.

Andriani's attorney told CBS 2 HD the officers are being punished due to the mayor's embarrassment and the internal investigation is more of a sham.

"It's like Alice in Wonderland," Charles Sciarra said. "This is all political and not a legitimate investigation. The city is trying to undo the damage that was done when the MAYOR watched all this happen."

Hoboken Police Chief Carmen Labruno has been noticeably absent during the news conferences regarding this story. And Mayor Roberts won't say if it's because the chief is just shy of news cameras or if he's a focus of this investigation.

Hoboken officials say they'll release names next week.

Mayor Roberts says a state judicial official will oversee the upcoming hearings on the case.

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