Hoboken Politicos Endorse Kean

"Politicians in Hudson County come and go, most go directly to jail, unfortunately some get away. The residents of Hudson County are good, decent and hard working people and truly deserve representatives who are honest, ethical and of strong moral character. Condoning suspected, proven, or associated ties to unethical or illegal activity and political corruption by our elected officials is what gives Hudson County a bad reputation. To change this reputation we need to choose candidates to replace those suspected or accused of wrong doings. As a 13 year veteran Hoboken police officer and president of the Hoboken Policemen's Benevolent Association, I proudly announce my personal endorsement of Tom Kean Jr., as our next U.S. Senator from New Jersey. Tom Kean Jr., is someone with unquestionable morals and ethical character who will in times of public crisis and threats to our home land security deliver strong and steady representation in Washington D.C. This election is not about partisan politics. For if it were, I being a registered democrat from Hudson County would not be supporting Tom Kean Jr. It is about something much more important. It's about the economic future and safety of our State and the Nation and electing someone right for achieving these objectives. And that someone is Tom Kean Jr."

–Vincent Lombardi from Hudson County
Union City, NJ

"I lived in Hudson County all my life. Since High school I've seen nothing but Democrats get hauled off to Jail. I'm a Democrat and have lost faith in ever reforming the local party. I want to remain a Dem, but keeping Bob in power will only keep the crooks around him flourishing. You folks need to work harder. I'm a former councilman who just called to offer help and your aides had no intrest? That attitude and you will lose."

–Tony Soares from Hudson County
Hoboken, NJ

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