Gaza Strip

A great number of men, women and children in the Gaza Strip live in one of the most chaotic environments on Earth. The escalating violence between warring political factions such as the Palestinians and Israelis has caused many to doubt the prospect of a peaceful state. And many are wondering if the Gaza Strip will return to its former grandeur as the gem Mediterranean.

The Gaza Strip is rife with political contradiction and corruption. In retrospect, the actions of the Palestinians to retain control of Gaza have been considered by many to be outrageous and condemnable. Once the Israelis surrendered control of Gaza City, the Palestinians were divided into two major parties for the reign of Gaza- Hamas and Fateh. Will the Gaza Strip ever know peace?

Both the Israelis and the Palestinians have always been known for their convictions and unrelenting character, which some believe is their downfall. And while Palestinians quibble over their small scraps of land, the Israelites will continue to enjoy their vacation from Hamas violence. However, the future of the Gaza Strip does not look promising.

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