Fabricating Terror

The Media has a way of portraying a terrorist as an Islamic fundamentalist who envies the rights and freedoms given to those who live in America. I want you to diminish the subliminal and commercial images in you brain and open mindfully read this passage. The definition of a terrorist is someone who is someone who causes terror upon others. A suicide bomber driving a car into an embassy is not the only form of terrorism. There is a man whose face is hidden from the public. This man can be serving the Legislative branch of our government. It could be a guy in living in a big white house. There is even a chance that this man can be your neighbor, but you will never know.

Islam. What are the first images that enter your brain? You instantly picture a man with a beard and vile facial expressions, women are fully veiled, and children are held against their will, countries that are going through economic drought and a system with laws that defy humanity. A misinterpreted idea implanted in your brain.

Terrorism in the Middle East is NOT BASED ON RELIGION. It is based on an interpretation of a religion. Interpretation is dependant on mentality. Your mentality is influenced by your surroundings. In a way it is also manipulated by politics. A cycle of pessimism controls the lands to due to its recent history.

Before the crusades, the Islamic empire was the most advanced and intellectual region of their time. They brought the first hospitals, mathematical methods/formulas, architecture, first medicines, even the first documented philosophy for feminism. After the crusades, the European empires went through an era of Enlightenment and Renaissance. They discovered through the crusades that they were far behind due to the power of the Catholic Church. The people with in their hemisphere were still in denial over the solar system. History books claim that they inherit most of their ideas from Asia and Africa because the trade routes in the Middle East. They refuse to acknowledge what ideas were adopted from the Middle East.

Most of the theories on medicine were gained from the Middle East. John Locke was a well known philosopher whose idea strongly influenced the constitution of our country. His belief in liberty, pursuit of property, and right to replace government with a new one came from The Ottoman Empire. The empire

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