Dear Activist

Response to an email from a well known activist Leader....

I got your plan. I read it. It isn't going to work. I can say this with all surety because I've been watching it - not work - for a long time. I understand peoples emotional attachment to their own ideas. In this case the cost of these attachments is dear. They stand in the way of getting the results you "claim" to want. I don't even know if you are truly in favor of these results. But let's accept, for now, that you are the genuine altruistic article. Here is why you'll never reach your goals.

You don't know your enemy. Absolutely a must in all battles. You claim that the opposition can be coerced and swayed. This is false. You're opposition responds only to the threat of populace uprising. Not populace opinion. Not grassroots campaigns for change. They don't respond because they understand your powerlessness.

You don't understand democracies. Read Thomas Paine. Here is a little example of why democracies always end in tyranny. A teacher addresses her class of 3rd graders: OK class, everyone who want's to study and learn about the history of the United States raise their hands. OK, everyone who want's to go to the park and get ice cream, raise there hands. Ice cream at the park wins by a landslide. The children have given the teacher a mandate. Now it's deal time. OK kids, we'll go to the park but first I'd like you to put a check in the box beside - I'm your favorite teacher and you want to be in my home room. The teacher goes on to be the most popular teacher at the school. Her class is voted best behaved. She promises more ice cream if they are quiet, do their assignment and talk nice about her. Now you have a corrupted system and a corrupted populace. Read Cicero.

There is no way you or me, who realize we're getting dumber and fatter, are going to change this system by gathering a majority vote. It's understandable when we look at this example using third graders. It's no different with what we refer to as grown ups. Especially those who grew up in this teachers class. Read John Taylor Gatto.

If you, or any other "group for change" wants a different world picture you'll have to get different artists. In the case of government you'll have to become one. When you, and all the groups, work together to put people - you choose from your groups - in office, things will change. At the moment you're trying to use human reasoning to talk to animals. A major mistake people make is in thinking - people in government, heads of multinationals, owners of Pharma, insurance, FDA, CIA...Most of all international bankers (the list goes on). It includes the heads of such things as the IRS, CFR, a handful of royalty and the elite minority - are people. People like me and you. They're not.

It's not realistic to look at them as people. If we see them as animals we can deal with them on their level. If we think of them as a different species we can deal with them realistically. Are they a different species? Some think so - but that's not the point. The point is to make a radical change in our thinking. The fact is - if government was interested in, or capable of, making any of the changes you and others want to see - it would be done. They've had a hundred years. How long does it take for you to get it? Read Noam Chomsky.

It's really very simple, not easy: simple. Create a solidarity. Gather all groups into one power structure. Pick your senators and congressman. That's the first thing that has to be done. That's what your opposition does. They may not be smarter than us but they are better at forming a government than us. They've done it. So pick your people. Pick them on their electability. Hire the people who get people elected. Do what they do. Start today building the new republic. Get the romanticism of democracy out of your head. It's not a real picture. It's a fabrication created by your opposition. It had to be created so that it could take over. Read Thomas Jefferson.

Here's what will happen. You are going to get your teeth kicked in. You will have the full force of the police state directed against you. Ridiculous amounts of money and influence will be used to discredit, subvert and disband you. That and more will be thrown at you. You will be attacked by the people who graduated from the example teachers class. This is how you'll know you're on the right track.

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