Circus like atmosphere.... Ignore the Clowns!

Circus like atmosphere....  Ignore the Clowns!

Seems like the big Hoboken news this past weekend was the New York City arrest of Hoboken Fourth Ward Councilman Chris Campos for DUI (Driving Under the Influence).

While Roberts Administration foes are no doubt experiencing multiple orgasms over the arrest of the pro-Roberts councilman, the fact remains that under our justice system CAMPOS is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a Court of law. 

No matter what your political opinion is of Mr. CAMPOS, give him the same respect and rights under the law as you would want for yourself or a member of your family.   

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Huggy Bear
Said this on 1-23-2007 At 11:07 pm
Say what you want about Couuncilman Campos, but you not only have to question his motives of Driving Under the Influence, but also what was he doing in New York City on 43rd and the Westside at 3am?

Gee let's see, the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel is there as well as the Greyhound Terminal! where the women of the evening and the "Tunnel Rats" ply their trade. A short hop in from Hoboken on a dark, cold, lonely night.

Campos has to come clean as to what he was really doing over there as there is more to this story.

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