Barack Obama & The Voice Of The Silent Majority

Why am I writing an article about Barack Obama? I am known for being a multidimensional communication specialist, with a focus on healing with spirit, divine wisdom and love. What does Barack Obama have to do with healing and the spirit world? The answer may surprise you.

I was in my kitchen one day, back in 2006, simply pondering my favorite subject of human dynamics when Barack Obama suddenly popped into my mind. I immediately went into my heart. I tuned into Barack and I had an amazing metaphysical experience. I sensed his energies. I sensed his concerns. I sensed his abilities. I then shot into the future and I saw him as the president of the United States. This was before he was even running for president.

During this experience, I was truly amazed. I saw many things about Barack, but what I was most impressed with was his sense of spirit. It is easy to see how his divine purpose is unfolding.

When I tuned into Barack, I saw a hologram unfold around a concept that I have been wondering about for some time. It is the concept of the silent majority. I get the feeling that Barack has something to do with the silent majority being heard. I get the sense that Barack cares about each person in a very empowering way.

Within the dance of politics, it takes a special person to move beyond the power and control game and genuinely connect with people through heart and spirit. Barack seems to connect with us in a way that is truly beyond the system. Barack is like an amazing voice for the spirit that lives within us all. The more we connect with him, support him, and share with him our energy; the more he shines and empowers us.

During one event in Seattle, many people going to see Barack spoke of this energy. They spoke of the energy that calls to them, inspires them, and intrigues them. As I watched, listened and tuned in, I realized that Barack radiates a hope for something beyond what we are used to seeing, sensing, and knowing. He has something beyond the game. He is a powerful light.

Critics may argue his politics and ponder his capability, and yet they are amazed at his results. It is obvious to me how most of us underestimate the power of spirit. In watching Barack, I thought more deeply about the magic of spirit.

Spirit is the divine pulse within us all. It moves uniquely through each individual, and then creates the unification of all individuals. Spirit empowers our differences, while teaching us how to have unity between our different ways of being.

Barack Obama represents spirit in a unique way. He may be playing the political game, using all the bells and whistles his advisors suggest, but when he speaks from his heart, we feel it, we feel connected, we feel united, and we feel heard.

There are many who ignore Barack and his message of hope, spirit, and the new way. These people dismiss his message as all passion and no substance. Some people are simply too attached to getting what they want. Many people are simply too filled with doubt and fear and are not ready to transcend survival patterning and open to the new way. Other people are caught up in the twists and turns of logic, statistics, rules and roles and are not able to really sink in to feel the heart, essence and spirit of the message.

Within the silent majority I can sense the frustration. I can sense the desire for results. I can sense the call to move beyond the old way and into the new. The silent majority wants something beyond what has been, but they are silent.

The majority has been silent because there seems to be no hope. There is the perception that there is no real system, within the system, to unify and empower the individual voice within the group to create change.

We live in a time where it is possible to see the end of hunger and poverty and it is possible to move beyond war, corruption, greed, selfishness, and move beyond the power and control games that signify the way life has been. But how do we get to this new state of being?

The answer is found within the individual. Each individual has the ability to open to the new way and personally awaken.

Barack Obama is one example of how this new way is coming to life. He individually transcends the game, within the game. He transcends the polarized right and left and unifies individuals collectively.

Many of us are called to Barack with hope, with anticipation, and with a sense of there being something more. And so we look, listen and we move beyond.

As we listen to Barack

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Joe Hurley is an author, healing energy consultant and multidimensional communication specialist from Seattle, Washington. His books include: When Spirits Dance, How To Be A Divine Presence In Everyday Life, Parables of Light, Beyond Illusion, Divine Heart Presence, The Five-Step Healing Reaction Guide, and The Four-Step Guide To Self-Healing. For his healing guides, free newsletter, blog, books and other articles please visit his website: The Divine Heart: A place for heart wisdom, healing, and pure unconditional love.

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