ACORN's Voter Fraud?

You may have heard a lot about the so called "voter fraud" of the group ACORN lately. I'm writing this article to clear up any misconceptions that you may have on this subject because there have been a lot of untrue things about this topic spread around by the GOP/Fox News & the McCain/Palin campaign.

The claim that the right wing makes is that ACORN has purposefully created thousands of fake voter registrations in order to swing the upcoming elections towards the Democrats in general and towards Obama/Biden in particular.

This claim is ridiculous on it's face and here's why:

1. Even if it were true that ACORN purposefully creates fake voter registrations (they don't) that would have no influence on the elections because fake voter registrations can't actually vote. A "fake person" created for a fake voter registration would also need a fake address and a fake ID in order to actually vote. How many people do you think go that far out of their way just to vote one more time? It's doubtful that very many at all do that. The amount of fake votes that such fake voter registrations lead to is minuscule if existent at all (there's never been proof of a single actual fake vote being cast due to this.)

2. Because such fake voter registrations don't lead to actual voting, they are a complete waste of time & money for ACORN.

3. These fake voter registrations are actually a problem for ACORN, not something that they want to happen. They are created by lazy employees who want to get paid without actually doing the work of registering people to vote. It's an unfortunate situation but only because it wastes ACORN's time & money, not because it has anything to do with voter fraud (it does not.)

It becomes clear by looking at the above points that the McCain/Palin attacks on ACORN are entirely dishonest (no surprise there.) Republicans do not like ACORN not because they register fake people to vote (because that doesn't lead to any actual votes) but because they register poor people to vote (and yes that does lead to actual votes by real people who deserve to have their say.) Poor people tend to vote for Democrats, and therein lies the "problem."

By trying to discredit ACORN in this way the GOP is trying to win political points and they are also trying to sow doubts about what is becoming very likely to be an Obama victory this November 4th.

Perhaps most disturbing about these dishonest attacks on ACORN is that it's a diversionary tactic from the real voter fraud that is done almost entirely by the GOP: voter caging & voter suppression.

It's beyond the scope of this article to go into voter caging and voter suppression in great detail but if you care about democracy and the future of America then I highly recommend looking into it.

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Johnny Moon recommends reading ACORN's response. He also asks the question: Who Is Sarah Palin? ThePresidentialCandidates.US

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