A Worldwide Anti Left Avalanche

A little over a month and a half ago the world watched with glee as India's voters buried their leftist parties, including that country's communist party, under the trash heap of history. India set off an avalanche that is sweeping the globe!

In England, Gordon Brown lost four of his most vicious left wing cabinet members, including the infamous British Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith to various scandals. Brown himself barely survived that weekend as opponents from within his own party tried to stage an intraparty coup.

EU Parliament The European Parliament probably dealt the left the most humiliating defeat since the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the USSR. Conservatives in France, Germany, Italy and Poland emerged winners in the voting to select the European Parliament's 736 deputies while the left was sent packing.

In Argentina "Old Wise Latino Woman' President Christina Fernandez, whose political accomplishments include nationalizing billions of dollars in private pension funds and the country's top airline, was dealt a swift and unambiguous defeat. Fernandez tried to stave off an anticipated massive defeat by holding the elections four months early. Alas it was in vain for the the results were just as disastrous. Her own husband, former President Nestor Kirchner, couldn't even win a bid for a seat from Buenos Aires province.

In Honduras, the country's leftist president, wanted to change the nation's constitution. In a move that reminds me of the post presidential musings of the former president Bill Clinton, the Honduran President Manuel Zeleya attempted to find a way to get himself elected more often than the constitution allows. The military, at the behest of the country's judicial branch, including the Supreme Court, with full approval of the Honduran Congress, arrested the leftist would be dictator Zeleya and unceremoniously deposited him in Costa Rica.

Then of course there is Iran. The left has successfully managed to convince the world that so called "religious governments" are somehow "right wing". Nothing is further from the truth. The centralized planning lack of freedom, and persecution of it population that characterizes the Mullah ruled Iran is identical to that experienced by the hundreds of millions of people that were subjugated to the leftist communist and regimes world wide. Iran's street battles are evidence that freedom and individual rights are universal. Further proof that the right identifies more with the struggle of the Iranian people is the unforgivable attitude that the Obama administration has adopted towards the murderous Iranian regime and its leaders.

Bulgaria. The people of Bulgaria voted out the Socialists and gave the conservative party a clear mandate to bring the country out of the economic quagmire which has seen its per capita GDP drop to last place in the European Union.

Albania After day there is till no clear winner however as of right now, with all the precincts having been counted the incumbent Democrat party is ahead of the Socialist by about 1% of the votes. That an incumbent Democrat Party , in this case the conservative party, can hold its own and probably win, in the face of a very adverse economic climate, is vivid proof that the people of Albania want to turn their back on the socialist agenda and join the European Union.

Moldova. After violent and massive protests which included students raiding the parliament building the ruling communist party was forced to at least go trough the motion of recounting the votes before declaring themselves the winner.

Virginia Gubernatorial Race. Least you think that this is a 'foreign' phenomena allow me to draw you attention to the Virginia Gubernatorial race. While the general election is still months away,the liberals in Virginian already lost! That's right, the liberals got their collective butts kicked up to their shoulder blades even in the Democrat primaries. In a field that included former Clinton's "AFC to tum" Terry Calif," the one lone self professed "Conservative Democrat", R. Creigh Deeds, won and won big. Deeds got almost twice the number of votes that Terry Calif did and over twice that of the third place finisher. As if that's not bad enough, for the lib socialists, the republican candidate is leading in the polls by over 10%.

New Jersey The current NJ Governor former Goldman Sachs CEO and far left millionaire John Corzine is trialing Republican nominee Chris Cristie by well over double digits in the polls. This in spite, or maybe precisely because, of a recent visit by Obama meant to shore up Corzine numbers. It worked out well, for Cristie, that is.

Cheney Vs. Pelosi. Further proving that the country may have had enough of the liberals the latest Gallup polls show that Cheney , fresh off the proper spanking that he delivered to ABM, has seen his popularity shoot up higher than Pepsi's. I find it embarrassing for us as a country that the "Drivel-by-Media" has managed to bamboozle the populous into thinking that a man as thoughtful, serious , intelligent and through as Cheney is should even be on the same playing field as Pols but maybe we are coming around. As for Pols, what can we say? The woman can and has made rapid fires fire gaffes and contradicted herself in consecutive sentences and the media has never done anything other than bow in adulation. That in spite of all of that Cheney is polling ahead of her shows that America is finally rejecting Pelosi's San Francisoc "values" based agenda.

Obama Even "The Blessed One" had to silently, like a thief in the night, order US forces to "Mirandize" terrorists in Afghanistan. Even the Obama knows that if he did this in the light of day, say maybe announce it in his Cairo's speech, the public would be lining Pennsylvania Avenue with "Tea Party" signs.

Congressmen who have embraced and supported the Obama agendas, be it the socialized health care program or the cash to destroy perfectly good cars program are going home to town halls where they are confronted with a constituency that is not shy at all about expressing their disgust. Town halls all over the country are ringing with loud protests of Americans rejecting Obama's socialism!

I'm not sure what caused the avalanche, maybe its a case of the left overreaching again or maybe with obama front and center and in the spotlight people are paying more attention to the left's agenda. Whatever it is this avalanche seems to building up plenty of steam.

Chris Olt

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Chris Olt http://www.conunderground.com/

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