A Letter to the Legacy of a Legend: President John F. Kennedy

Mr. President,

I love people with everything I am worth. As strange as this might sound, I also fear them with a passion. As you know from your short tenure here, it is often people who prove to be the downfall of noble others.

Although I was born eleven years after your assassination, my study and research into American history has shown me I am surrounded by sheep. This particular breed has a warped hankering for conspiracies.

No more glaring example of this exists than your own story. Although Lee Harvey Oswald is accused of slaying you, the perpetrators of this bold act of treason were, in fact, powerful American entities: huge corporations, the massive military complex, members of the Russian government, even the Mafia. Take your pick!

You were the youngest President to assume the White House. Before and after your election, we were exposed to a litany of corrupt American Presidents. You, with your unshakable ethical underpinnings, were an anomaly. I believe whole-heartedly in destiny and fate. I believe you were brought into this topsy-turvy world to open the collective eyes of Americans.

I applaud your noble quest to restore morality to the White House, although it was a hopeless battle from the start. The historic actions that took place during your administration and your unfortunate assassination by power-hungry, modern-day cowboys made us average Americans take note. These cowboys hired gunmen to ambush you from a distance, waiting for the opportune moment to wreak havoc upon our nation. This single action made us notice the corrupt powers hovering

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