2006 Senate Race: Gentlemen, Place your bets

Gentlemen, Place your bets

In an Associated Press article dated October 11, 2006, US Senate Republican candidate Tom Kean Jr. is quoted as saying "There is a subpoena that has his name [ Senator Bob Menendez] on it that was issued by an impaneled grand jury and delivered by the FBI," Kean said during an interview with the AP. "That's a fact."

In response, Menendez said "There are no such subpoenas to my knowledge whatsoever."

Stark contradiction or a play on words?

Kean says "That's a fact" while Menendez qualifies his denial with a legal escape clause "to my knowledge."

Gentlemen, Place your Bets......

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10/13/2006 Asbury Park Press
The APP reported that Menendez has been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury to provide details of a lease agreement he signed with a nonprofit group that he helped get federal aid.

Read the Story at:  Embattled Bryant at rally for Menendez, Observer calls it  "a huge miscalculation"

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Said this on 10-11-2006 At 10:29 pm
I bet the house limit on Kean.

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