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‘Senator Menendez, I will never vote for you again’

‘Senator Menendez, I will never vote for you again’

‘Senator Menendez, I will never vote for you again’

Junly 10, 2010  Hoboken Reporter

Dear Editor:

(The following is a copy of a letter sent to U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ).

Dear Senator Menendez:

I voted for you many times in the past because I believed in your principles. I thought you followed the laws of this nation. However, you seemed to have made some really bad decisions and bad turns in your career on your way up the political ladder.

Your recent comments in the Reporter are sickening to all of us U.S. citizens. You are a lawbreaker by siding with the illegal immigrants. They are breaking the law by crossing our borders ILLEGALLY!!! Do you understand??? You are breaking the law by representing these people!!!! You are not a representative of the U.S. citizens of this country, nor of the U.S. Constitution. Do you understand English???? I will never vote for you again.

You support 360,000 illegal immigrants who are without legal U.S. papers as of January, 2009, according to the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security. Where are your ethics? You should step down from your position as a Senator. You disgrace the position and this nation. You do not deserve to represent us any longer.

When I visit the Union City Town Hall and see people arriving in their pajamas to go to government offices, it is a disgrace. Years ago, people would be sent home to wear proper attire. Now, Union City is a disgrace. My family helped found Union City in the 1850s, started businesses, learned English, wore decent clothing in business, and made excellent and decent careers for themselves. They were hard workers. They did not sit home all day, drain the U.S. of its economy, listen to rap music, drive big gas-guzzling SUVs, get their hair and nails done, wear tons of gold jewelry and accessories, have multiple babies in high schools, and sit in parks all day.

I hope to God almighty that you get impeached. You have no plan to get these illegals registered as U.S. citizens. You continue to be a patsy and patronize them, and not us as citizens. You shame us to the highest degree.

Give us your plan to get them registered as U.S. citizens. Make them fight for our country. Have them go to the Gulf and help with the clean-up. Make them do something to earn the high taxes that I have to pay to contribute to their idleness. I do not want to contribute to their rent, free health care, cable shows, jewelry and accessories, monthly cell phone charges, designer hair, nails and clothing, and SUVs. For God’s sake, do something to earn your high salary and pension.


Susan Scherman, RN

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